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Writing Log Week 24 – 19. June, 2017

Although I only wrote one page, I was back at work this past week.

I split my time between developing a long gestating pilot and a new idea for a fiction podcast (very excited about that).

I saw Taken, again, and it’s still exactly as I remember it. And that one scene, it still kicks major ass. Cars 3 was easily the best in the series.

Controversy was shot but not picked up to series. For dealing with such a hot button issue, it was an easy to read pilot.  If you love hot helicopter action, your prayers have been answered — Valor will be coming to the CW this year.

Next week, pages!

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Writing Long Week 23 – 12. June, 2017

It’s the week after submitting to the fellowships and I kind of half-assed it.

I did read that Seinfeld spec about the Twin Towers.

I admit, I laughed out loud.

I watched Wonder Woman and Gone Girl. Both are pretty damn great, albeit a tad too long.

As for my own work, I’m starting back up with my horror pilot and I’m also cultivating ideas for a fiction podcast, ala Homecoming (soon to be a Julia Roberts TV show — WHAT?!), The Truth, and Welcome to Nightvale.

Do you have a favorite fiction podcast? If so, send it my way.

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Writing Log Week 22 – 5. June, 2017

All materials for the television writing fellowships have been submitted and I be like…

I even managed to get back into the old routine…

That script I read just landed an attachment but don’t click on that link. This script *HINGES* on one massive reveal. To know the secret will ruin the entire experience.

Trainspotting is still a massively awesome film and the sequel, T2: Trainspotting, might be my favorite film of the year. I don’t think you’ll find a better film about the bittersweet that develops as a friendship between dudes ages.

The big thing for me: what do I write next? I know I need to kick ass on my pilot, but what else? I have 2 feature film ideas (one big and one small), a few comic book ideas, I’m developing ideas for a narrative podcast, or maybe I should develop another pilot. Thoughts?

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Writing Log Week 21 – 29. May, 2017

I’m on final approach for the fellowships, so I’m like…

Therefore, I didn’t work on much besides my Blindspot spec.

And let’s not mention the movie I saw.

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Writing Log Week 20 – 22. May, 2017

Besides writing, I saw Alien: Covenant this week. Jesus, when did the humans in this series get so dumb?

The rest of the week I received notes, rewrote my Blindspot Spec, read my Script Anatomy classmates’ scripts (so good), worked on my applications for Writers on the Verge and the WB Writers Workshop.

No rest, right?

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Writing Log Week 19 – 15. May, 2017

I just submitted my Blindspot spec to the Austin Film Festival.

This will be me now…

… at least until I have to write the next thing.

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Writing Log Week 14 – 12. April, 2017


My productivity…

Why? Tough week, my friend. It was a very tough week. I mean like…


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Writing Log Week 13 – 11. April, 2017

Lucky week 13, right?

Well, sorta. Not really.

I did work on my Blindspot spec, which is shaping up nicely (big thanks to my Script Anatomy class).

Why wasn’t I more productive? Because I still haven’t beaten Ghost Recon: Wildlands (stupid video game addiction).

Did you watch the new Ghost in the Shell movie? Yeah… let’s just leave that there. What about Trucker & Dale vs. Evil? It’s a fun premise… let’s move on to the scripts.

The Snowpiercer pilot is the most wonderful sort of insanity I’ve ever seen committed to the printed page. I cannot wait to watch the pilot. El Jefe is the Paul Attanasio CBS pilot and it’s a masterclass in deftly combining character with action. Goddamn, that guy can write!

That’s all for now. See y’all next week.

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Writing Log Week 12 – 27. March, 2017

What makes this week different from all the past weeks I’ve done this log? I didn’t watch any movies.

Check it.

Why? One, I started a Script Anatomy spec writing class and had to read everyone else’s homework. Two, my writing group met and everyone submitted, so I had A LOT of reading this week.

Also, I played the hell out of Ghost Recon: Wildlands because I have an addiction.

Still, I did read CATHERINE THE GREAT, the top Blacklist script from 2014. It’s pretty… great.

Oh, and obviously I worked on my spec.

Expect more from me next week.

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Writing Log Week 10 – 13. March, 2017

You know that terrible cold I had a few weeks back? I caught another one and it was worse so I was like…

Which is why I got this much done…

James Cameron’s Titanic is a totally un-filmable Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead take on Jim Cameron’s unsinkable epic and… okay, I didn’t actually read the script. I went to the live reading, but how many of you listen to books on Audible and then brag to your friends, “yeah, totally read Infinite Jest in a week.”

Logan is so dark and brooding and… don’t get me wrong, it’s good, but I would have appreciated a joke and a moment of levity. Non-Stop is Liam Neeson doing “Taken on a plane” and no more needs to be said.

I’m going to take a nap in the hopes that I magically wake up cold-free and ready to write.

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