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Looking Ahead to 2015 – 1. January, 2015

Welcome to 2015. Do you have big plans for this year? I do. Maybe too many big plans. As I said in my last post, I’ve been doing well writing my TV specs but it’s time to do more. So what are my writing goals for 2015? I hope to write a…
Feature – So far I’ve done some brainstorming and a basic half-page outline
Pilot – I’ve started breaking the story into acts (teaser plus five)
Comic Book – I’d like to do three 10-page stores this year
Web Comic Strip – I’d like to start posting strips by March.
TV Spec – I’ll be writing a Hannibal to submit to the fellowships and contests.


That’s a lot. For that kind of ambition, I need support. That’s why I’m taking a class via UCLA Extension. That’s why I’m joining a writing group. I know what I can do alone. I need to do better. I need to level up.

On the more fun front, I’d also love to do some international traveling this year. I don’t think I could travel very far, so maybe Canada. That counts as a foreign country, right?

Also, I’m not going to SXSW this year. That bums me out but after 6 (or possibly 7) straight years attending, I need a break. That also means I need to find another way to inject as much music into my life as humanly possible. Any recommendations?

Lastly, I need to better round out my life. How, I don’t know. Please, offer a recommendation.

Here’s hoping you have a great 2015.

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AFF 13 Pre Flight – 23. October, 2013

This isn't my first time attending the Austin Film Festival but it's the first time I have anything at stake. I'll admit it, I'm a little nervous. Also excited. But a little nervous.


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AFF 13 Prep: A Tale of Two Travel Gadgets – 17. October, 2013

I was also considering “The Black & White of Travel Tech” in ode to Rocky & Bullwinkle.

Karma Satechi

Get it?

Anyway, these are the two new things I’ll be traveling with while at this year’s Austin Film Festival.

First, I have my brand new Satechi Portable Energy Station / Backup Battery. It has 2 USB ports, one 1 Amp, one 2 Amp. Theoretically, I could charge both my iPhone and iPad at the same. I’ve been testing this scenario, topping off both partially charged devices at the same time. So far it’s been kicking butt. I’ve also used it to charge my iPod and Blackberry and no issues there.

Second is my Karma mobile wifi. Hopefully it’ll provide my iPad with a wifi signal when the hotel wifi is overtaxed or nonexistent. Also, I can theoretically share my device and send other conference members a wifi shaped life preserver, just look for “Free Karma by Tony“. Now, I’m sure the sign up might seem a little suspicious, maybe even a pain in the ass, but let’s call it a social experiment that grants you 100MB of data, which is enough for you to send Vince Gillian a PDF of your X-Files spec.

See ya at the fest!

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Europe 2010 Wrap Up – 20. July, 2010

What’s the best part about going to Europe for 30+ days? Coming home.

No, it’s not that I didn’t enjoy my trip. I f**king loved it. Florence and Paris were my favorite cities. I think I spent a week in Florence and I could go back to spend another week eating all those amazing Steaks Florentine and all that phenomenal gelato.

As for Paris, I only spent a couple of days there but I’d love to go back for a month. That city has an energy, something like New York. And the women… oh God the women are… yeah, I think I’m gonna marry one… if I ever get married (but that’s another discussion).

Cinque Terre was beautiful in a way I can’t describe. Here’s the best I can do: the water, it’s so blue and clear that you can see the bottom of the sea floor 20 feet below. Yeah, I know, that doesn’t do it justice.

Rome was okay. There was one magical meal at a farmer’s market I stumbled into but otherwise I really wasn’t feeling it. The same goes for Milan. I was bummed that I didn’t get to see the Guggenheim but otherwise I’m not going back to Venice until I have a serious girlfriend or a fiance or a wife.

Prague, that’s the one that got away. I stayed on the Avenida Revolucion of Prague and it sucked. I’d love to go back but 1) I’d like to go with someone that’s been there before and 2) I want to stay somewhere quieter, nicer.

Obviously I loved Europe. I want to go back. I want to travel more; I think Asia should be next, maybe back to South America. So why was coming home the best part? Because going away for so long gave me a clarity, a perspective I’d lost about my life. I can see the bulls**t for what it is. And I’m tried of dealing with bulls**t.

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Europe 2010 Pics – 19. July, 2010

The great thing about going away is that it allows me to return to routine with a renewed enegery and a refreshed perspective.  I can reconnect with that original desire, or not come back at all.  And so I return to the blog but not before sharing my European vacation slideshow with you.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about the trip.


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Czech Out Time – 29. June, 2010

If I can unfairly sum up my time in Prague, it’d be with this short dialog…

Guy On Street: “Do you want to f**k a midget? She’s pregnant.”

Me: “No, now stop following me!”

But more later. Right now I gotta catch a plane so this is appropriate.

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Ciao Italy – 25. June, 2010

As you read this, I’m on a plane leaving Italy.  I was last in Venice, Milan before that.

First, everyone warned me about Milan.  They all said it was gonna be gray and dull.  And it was at first.  Then we found a cool bar (like the kind back home) and hung with male models but in truth Milan’s heart was still gray and soulless.  Yes, Lake Como was beautiful but I was really happy to leave Milan.

Then I arrived in Venice.  If we’ve ever talked about traveling, you know that Venice hates me and the feeling is mutual.  I thought things would be different this time but they weren’t.

Therefore I leave Italy without looking back.  Next stop, Prague.

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Love Florence – 16. June, 2010

But the internet here sucks.  Had to find the one gelateria with free wifi.  Don’t have much time so don’t expect the next update until Milan.

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Au Revoir Paris – 3. June, 2010

Despite the spotty service and internet, Paris is awesome.  So much great food, wonderful art and the women, oh the women.  From the lilt of their voice to the softness of their smile to…

But I digress.  Paris was great (except that one friend got really sick).

Met some cool folk too.  Yann, good luck with that science fiction script.  Laura, have a safe trip to Toulouse.  Emily, good luck finishing school in Ohio.  Melanie, enjoy Chicago.

Off to find a car or train or place to the south of France. Juan-les-Pins, here we come!

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Hello Paris – 1. June, 2010

Arrived in Paris last night  Jesus, what an awesome city.  The women are beautiful, folk are friendly (later I might tell you about Henri & Frank. One looked like a young, olive skinned Orson Welles, the other kept trying to kiss us–but not everyone is friendly. We were almost kicked out of our hotel for being rowdy Americans) and the food is amazing.

Okay, time for your two cents.  What should I do/see in Paris?

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