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Writing Log Week 32 – 14. August, 2017

This week I attended Tiki Oasis and I drank until I was like…

So you’ll understand why this was all I got done…

Mayday 109 is a survival thriller about John F. Kennedy’s sunken PT-boat. It’s a harrowing, fast moving story and they recently locked an up-and-coming leading man.

Continuing with the war theme, both of my movies this week were absolute master pieces. Dunkirk is a lesson in pure cinema while War for the Planet of the Apes proves you can get a great performance out of a damn dirty ape.

As for my own writing, I’m moving very slowly on my pilot. I have a solid beat sheet for the first half but I hit a road block. That’s why I did some work on my other two projects. And why I drank myself stupid.

Next week: pages!

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My Summer 2009 – 31. August, 2009

As the summer of 2009 draws to a close, allow me a few minutes to look back at what I did for my summer vacation.

Vacation? Bull! I worked my ass off this summer (and I managed to have some fun, too). What did I do this summer?

  1. I wrote my first TV spec for the now canceled TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES.
  2. I found an editor for my feature.
  3. I shot a live-action/stop-motion spec for Amazon.
  4. I went to my first Comic-Con.
  5. I went to my first Tiki Oasis.
  6. I shot the first material for my multi-medium project.
  7. I directed scenes for an actor’s reel.
  8. I saw The Kills, Neko Case, Death Cab for Cutie and Andrew Bird in concert.

I’d say that’s a pretty damn productive summer.

Tiki Oasis 2009 Day 3 – 17. August, 2009

My final day was all about recovering while consuming a huge breakfast buffet with a gorgeous view.

Tiki Oasis 2009 Day 03 - 2

Adios Tiki Oasis 2009.

Tiki Oasis 2009 Day 03 - 1

Next time we’re gonna rock ya even harder at the Tiki Oasis 10th anniversary.

Now where’s my Excedrin?

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Tiki Oasis 2009 Day 2 – 16. August, 2009

First I wandered around checking out vendors.

Tiki Oasis 2009 Day 02 - 02

All the while I learned that a Planters Punch is very yummy and you can’t tell there’s any rum in it until you’re almost done with your third one.

And that was before my “Rum Seminar”

Tiki Oasis 2009 Day 02 - 09

Plus I also learned that if you want to party, you gotta stay at the Crowne and rock the room parties. Inside one could find A) pajama parties, B) foxy stripper boxing or C) live music? If you answered D) All of the above, you are correct.

Tiki Oasis 2009 Day 02 - 34

Tiki Oasis 2009 Day 02 - 35

Tiki Oasis 2009 Day 02 - 37

Tiki Oasis 2009 Day 02 - 40

Is it me or is this blog spinning?  Time for sleep.

Tiki Oasis 2009 Day 02 - 12

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Tiki Oasis 2009 Day 1 – 15. August, 2009

Zombie. Blue Hawaii. Planter’s Punch. These are some of the few things I remember from my first evening at Tiki Oasis. Thank goodness for pictures. They immortalize moments like this:

Tiki Oasis 2009 Day 01 - 10

There was even a twist contest. None of us won but here my friends looking good on the dance floor.

Tiki Oasis 2009 Day 01 - 16

Tiki Oasis 2009 Day 01 - 15

Tiki Oasis 2009 Day 01 - 12

What fun was had last night. Today it’s all about seminars. Bring on the rum.

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Going Back to San Diego – 12. August, 2009

When I conjured up that title, the following images/sounds flooded my mind:

Just weeks after Comic-Con I’m heading back to San Diego for the Tiki Oasis. What do I expect? I have no idea what to expect but I do know I’m signed up for a seminar called “Rum & Chocolate” so I guess I’ll be three sheets to the wind hours before sundown. If you’re there, let’s raise a toast.

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