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No Sensitive Man by Haley Bonar – 3. February, 2017

Music is one of the most important things in my life yet somehow I’ve let it slip away from me. Why? The crap that makes my daily existence a living nightmare has pushed it out. Well, fuck that noise.

This is Haley Bonar.

I love her. I first saw her at SXSW. I then saw her again at SXSW. I’ve only ever seen her at SXSW. I don’t know if she ever plays outside of SXSW.

This is her performing solo acoustic in a single take. Yeah, she’s that bad ass. That’s why I love her.

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Looking Ahead to 2017 – 1. January, 2017

After the vulgar confusion that was 2016…

I need to refocus. I need to reset.

My number one priority is to get back on top of my writing. I have to set ambitious goals.

Feature – I’ve started brainstorming a contained thriller.
Comic Books – I have a problematic script for a 5-page comic that’ll be irrelevant in 20 days. Pretty sure I need to bury the idea and move on, but…
Pilot – I need to finish a rewrite that I cracked last month.
Spec – I’ve started working on a Blindspot spec for the fellowships.

I really want to take a Script Anatomy class to help me with one of the above but their “weekend only” class schedule is problematic for me. We’ll see what I can do.

On the non-writing front, I need to renew my passport so I can get out of this country for a little bit, even if it’s just Canada. And I really do miss music in my life. I’m not going to SXSW this year but I need something else to feed the need. Have any of you tried Jukely? Lastly, I need to start exercising regularly again.

Regardless, I’ve been overwhelmed and beat up but I can’t stay down.

Time to get back into the fight.

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I Miss SXSW – 10. March, 2016

2016 marks the 2nd year in a row that I’m skipping the SXSW Music Conference and I miss it so bad that I’m about to…


And not just because I’m missing some of my favorite acts like Crystal Castles


Frightened Rabbit


and The Kills


But also because I’m going to miss a keynote by this guy…


And this lady…


Goddamnit! As all of you as my witness, I’m going to SXSW next year!



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No SXSW For Me This Year – 12. March, 2015

For the first time in many years, I’m not attending the SXSW Music Conference. I can’t tell you how bummed I am about this. Then why skip it? For a number of reasons.

One, I was burnt out. I think I’ve attend the last six years in a row and it’s all starting to blur. I figured a year off might recharge my desire to attend in 2016. The fest might feel a little more special after a break.


Two, I need to concentrate on launching the comics career. That means checking out comic cons and my travel budget is finite. After the badge, hotel and airfare, SXSW is an expensive excursion. For the same amount of money as SXSW, I could attend 2-3 cons.

Three, well, I don’t have a three. That’s it. But I don’t want to leave you empty handed. Click here and you’ll be taken to a torrent of over 800 tracks by SXSW artists.


Full disclosure, the torrent is totally legal… ish. The tracks are up on the SXSW site and they are free. I’m just not sure everyone would want to be bundled in the torrent.

If you need a great torrent client for your Mac, I’d recommend Transmission.


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A Look Back at 2014 – 31. December, 2014

Was your 2014 a goddamn roller coaster ride? Mine was. There were lows, there were highs. One of which was finishing my third spec and making it to the Second Round of the Austin Film Festival Writers Conference (as well as making the semifinals of the Final Draft Big Break Contest).


For those keeping score, I’ve placed three times at Austin with specs for The Americans, Nikita, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. To me, that’s definitive proof that I can write. Television is a good arena for me. Now I need to level up… but that’s for my next post. Let’s get to the fun. Let’s get to my “Favorite _____ of the Year”. Ready? Let’s do this!

Favorite Movie of the Year – Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy was pure fun, an unexpected joy. With this movie Marvel proves they can do just about anything and we’ll go see it.


Here’s to many more years of fostering good will amongst the fans.

Favorite Line from a Movie This Year – Snowpiercer

Favorite Album of the Year – Year of the Caprese by Cherub


Cherub was my discovery of 2014, my favorite live act of SXSW and their album is equally awesome. Go. Pick. It. Up.

Favorite Book of the Year – Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki & His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami


I enjoyed the hell out of this book. Yes, I wanted to truncate the first third, loved the second third, and wanted to rewrite the final third but the language is so lush, so seductive, it’s irresistible.

Favorite Comic of the Year – Injustice: Gods Among Us

I’m not that familiar with the DCU — I grew up a Marvel kid — but the Injustice books are an awesome introduction to the characters.


Yes, it’s an alternate universe not beholden to company wide events but it’s such a great, heartfelt story that you won’t feel cheated. If you want to get into DC comics, this is the best introduction.

Favorite Game of the Year – Destiny


I know. Everyone hates the game. The acting is awful but it hooked me… for about 3 months straight, until the first DLC dropped. Plus we can thank them for this awesome music video.

Favorite Television Show of the Year – Hannibal

What ya cooking, Dr. Lecter?

What ya cooking, Dr. Lecter?

I loved the first season of Hannibal and I couldn’t fathom how the second season could get any better. But it did. It was freaking awesome. I’m very excited for the third season. But let me also say that over the Xmas break I discovered The 100.


How did I just discover this awesome show?

Favorite Animated Show of the Year – Rick and Morty


You must watch this phenomenal show. Need proof? The best thing about Rick and Morty is that it can have both DMX and Mazzy Star as part of their soundtrack.

And with that, I say adios to 2014.

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Two Belated Music Fest Wrap Ups – 21. April, 2014

Wow! These were supposed to be quick and easy wrap ups but I got all caught up in deadlines for three writing assignments. Lame excuse, right?

First, SXSW. Here’s a link to all my photos. I haven’t updated the tags to reflect the bands and, at this point, I probably won’t for a *long* time. Sorry, but all my spare time has to go to writing. Here are a choice few.

And here’s a Spotify Playlist of the bands I saw at SXSW.

As for Coachella…

Here are the bands I saw:

    • GroupLove
    • Haim
    • Kate Nash
    • Neko Case
    • Ellie Goulding
    • Glitch Mob
    • Chromeo
    • The Replacements
    • OutKast
    • Chvrches
    • Kid Cudi
    • Capital Cities
    • Future Islands
    • Lorde
    • Fatboy Slim
    • Empire of the Sun
    • Pharrell Williams
    • Pet Shop Boys
    • Damien Lazarus
    • Lee Burridge
    • Zoe
    • Superchunk
    • The Naked and Famous
    • Neutral Milk Hotel
    • Calvin Harris
    • Lana Del Rey
    • Disclosure
    • Arcade Fire

Those bands that impressed me: GroupLove, Chromeo, Chvrches, Lorde, Fatboy Slim, Pet Shop Boys, Lana Del Rey (yeah, I KNOW!), and Arcade Fire.

Those that blew me away: OutKast, Neutral Milk Hotel, Calvin Harris.

Here’s my Coachella Playlist.

Over and out!

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SXSW 2014 Day 5 – 16. March, 2014

My first act of the day was Mia Dyson.

She rocked the hell out of the church she played at.

Next was Le Youth.

DJs with me are real hit or miss… my next act was Anamanaguchi.

This is my second time seeing these guys at SXSW. Their new stuff is darker, more expansive, but still true to their original concept.

My next act was Air Traffic Controller.

I’m not usually a fan of Americana music but these guys won me over.

I then raced across town to catch The Eastern Sea.

They sounded great but I just wasn’t feeling it.

Next I raced across town to catch Washed Out… but first I should tell you that I ran into the bassists/vocalist for Air Traffic Controller on the way.

We were both headed to the same show. I chatted her up, gave her my contact info and I feel like a pimp; oh, come on, grant me this, today of all days.

… and Casey, if you’re reading this, if you get to LA, let me take you out for a drink and a nice dinner.

… but we were talking music. Yes, Washed Out.

They sounded great, albeit a bit more rocking’ than on the album.

And with that it’s time for my pick of the day. I pick the ladies.

Mia Dyson

When The Moment Comes

… and Air Traffic Controller.

You Know Me


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SXSW 2014 Day 4 – 15. March, 2014

Today was a pretty epic day and it started out with sneaking in to the sound check for Damon Albarn.

Although it was “Damon goes acoustic” he sounded great. I get why everyone goes nuts over him.

Next I was intending to catch a nap but then I heard someone just killing A-Ha’s “Take On Me”. It was El Conjunto Nueva Ola.

Apparently the key to winning me over is to make me smile and dance because these Latin rockers did just that.

Next it was The Hold Steady.

I’m not fan but I can definitely see the appeal, and the lead singer works his butt off for the audience.

Next was Phantogram.

Although paired down, they sounded good and damn is that lead singer a cutie.

Next I raced to a church to check out EMA.

She sounded pretty good and damn I was smitten.

After her was Angel Olsen.

I understand why she’s the next buzz act but would it kill her to smile (she’s damn cute when she smiles).

I quickly caught a couple of numbers by SW/MM/NG.

They had a good indie rock sound.

Finally I got to check out a band at the Japan Nite, one of my favorite SXSW events. Meet Jungles From Red Bacteria Vacuum.

Name aside, these ladies know how to rock the punk sound.

Next was a very mellow set from Mayu Wakisaka.

That’s what I love about the Japan Nite. You have a punk act followed by an easy listening singer-songwriter.

A quick run across 6th Street got me to check out Mexican act Division Minuscula.

Wow, were their fans in effect!

Next was GEMS.

They sounded pretty good despite audio issues.

Another race across town got me in to see Warpaint.

I gotta admit, I liked them a lot more than I thought I would.

And I ended the evening with the Japanese jazz rock sounds of Sentimental City Romance.

For my pick of the day, it’s another split. First, El Conjunto Nueva Ola (this track doesn’t do their live show justice).

Take On Me

And my second pick is Phantogram.

Black Out Days


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SXSW 2014 Day 3 – 14. March, 2014

Today was about long encampments and it started out at the convention center. The first band was Papa.

A decent rock quartet with a drummer that sings. Is it coming in the air tonight? Maybe.

Next was another LA band, NO.

It’s easy to dismiss these guys as a facsimile of a more National-y known band but they sounded great and rocked the hell out of that ballroom.

Now here there was a switch in the schedule so I sat through Real Estate.

They had a great, clean sound and managed to get some audience members to dance in the front; this is an impressive feat. Trust me.

Finally I caught the Dum Dum Girls.

Raven haired, jangling vintage instruments, dressed like the Victoria’s Secret goth collection, what’s not to love?

Next I ran down to the trade show to see Caught A Ghost.

They were doing a pretty good job of updating that 60’s soul / R&B sound, plus they had a cutie from Veronica Mars in the band.

I ran to church to see one of my favorite Midwest honeys, Haley Bonar.

Once again, she manages to blow up my expectations with a couple of her songs. Bravo.

A quick jog down to the Dirty Sixth and I caught Fofe Y Los Fetiches.

Yeah… so then I caught Svper.

They were more my style. I was really digging the female singer, too.

I then ran down Brazos for another bit of trench warfare. The first band was some sort of Stevie-Nicks-meets-techno act called White Sea.

Next was Gary Numan.

Yes, the guy that sings “Cars”. First off, he sounded great. And he looks damn good, too. I wonder what keeps him looking so young.

The final act of the night was Blondie.

Not bad for a 68 year old woman. Also, when she seamlessly transition from Rapture to The Beastie Boys’ “Fight For Your Right To Party”, she did so like a champ.

So, my pick of the day… I’m gonna split it between NO

Leave The Door Wide Open

… and Haley Bonar.

Last War


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SXSW 2014 Day 2 – 13. March, 2014

The day started off in the convention center where I caught a couple of acts. The first was Tennis.

Next was Moses Sumney.

Both brought a wonderful mellow start to my day.

Next I caught Eagulls.

They got a great, post punk sound.

I then raced across town to catch Tokyo Police Club.

These Canadians make it sound so easy.

Another race across town got me to see Cloud Nothings.

I’m sure they were great but the venue was not working in their favor.

As I started another trek across town, I stopped by to check out The Cold & Lovely.

They had a great, open, shoe gazer influenced sound.

I then caught Highly Suspect.

They gave a great shot of rock from Brooklyn.

Now, at this point I’m willing to admit that while all these acts were good, none had blown me away. Then I caught buzz band Cherub.

Holy! These guys brought the fun and energy I was craving. I danced, I smiled, I have my pic of the day. Enjoy.

Doses and Mimosas


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