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Writing Log Week 30 – 31. July, 2017

Post San Diego Comic Con is a recovery week. Hence, the low output:

Cop Car was the first film by Spider-Man: Homecoming helmer, Jon Watts.

From this first film, it’s easy to see why the best scenes from Spider-Man radiate with energy and suspense.

Frances Ha is the best Woody Allen movie Woody Allen never made — it’s absolutely wonderful.

The Man in the Rockefeller Suit feels like a fun variation on The Talent Mr Ripley but what kept tripping me up was the dense writing style. It’s not “bad” but it flies against the modern conventions that call for sparse descriptions and action blocks of three sentences or less.

Lastly, I’m ramping up on my pilot, so expect me to fall down that rabbit hole of late night writing marathons.

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Writing Log Week 29 – 24. July, 2017

As I spent most of the week in San Diego for a bit of high nerdery…

I didn’t get to accomplish much this week:

The Sinner is an upcoming slow-burn of a series at USA. The Good Girls should be on NBC in the upcoming season.

Spider-Man: Homecoming was pure fun and A Ghost Story proves that you can make a heartfelt film from a silly premise.

I managed to do a little work on my pilot but I really have to kick that up a notch. Also, I need to start figuring out what feature I’ll write starting late September… and what pilot will follow that.


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Writing Log Week 18 – 8. May, 2017

How is my writing going?

This week I stopped by Target to buy underwear. Then I went back to buy socks. Then back again for more underwear. Then again for more socks. Tonight I’m going back for yet more underwear. Why? My options are either that or this…

Why don’t I have time to hit the Laundromat?

Because I wrote 65 pages this week. 65 MOTHERF**KIN’ PAGES!

My script is (over) due for my Script Anatomy class this Friday. The AFF deadline is Monday. When your true work calls, you must answer.

But I did manage to squeeze in time for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2. At the movie, I saw trailers for both Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok, the one with the Led Zeppelin song that made everyone go, “gaga.” Yeah, it’s a nice use of the song, but did everyone forget how Fincher and Karen O crushed it with that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trailer?

Remember your history, cinephiles. Thor is a puny girly-man by comparison.


Time to rewrite.

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