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Hulu Desktop – 18. June, 2009

I’ve been trying out the new Hulu application for the Mac and it isn’t half bad.


It’s nice that you can control the app with the Apple remote but you can’t re-order shows or delete them from cue from within the application. You can only do that from the Hulu website. Also, the system requirements are pretty steep but I seem to do fine with my 1.2 Mbps home wireless download speed (2 Mbps is recommended).

Is this just a glorified viewer? Yes. Is it smoother than the old Joost application? I think so (I can’t really remember that old app). Will I use this application over their website? I think so. What about you?

(And yes, this was yet another shameless excuse to spotlight my latest TV crush, Anna Torv)

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Freedom From Distractions – 1. June, 2009

Just the other day I discovered a little Mac app for those of us that are easily distracted.


Meet Freedom. Running the application shuts off your computer’s network connection for a period of time (you control how long). Once engaged, you cannot access the web until that time is up. Think you can just put your computer to sleep and wait out your internet drought? Nope. Only active computer use counts towards your “freedom”.

Hey, I just stumbled upon that jail analogy.

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John on Final Draft 8 – 12. May, 2009

Four days ago I emailed John August asking for his thoughts on Final Draft 8. Today I see he posted this video.

Thanks John!

(Yes, I know he was probably working on this long before I emailed but allow me my tiny fantasies.)

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Importing HVX Footage into Final Cut Pro – 28. January, 2009

As I’ve had a few requests, I’ve decided to post instructions for importing footage shot w/ the Panasonic HVX200 into Final Cut Pro.  I created this document for my DIT.

For reference:

Lastly, you should know that I culled this from Creative Cow and Shane Ross, an editor I once worked with.

Best of luck.

Could I Get Sugar With That? – 10. January, 2009

I’m one of those guys that gave up the desktop computer in favor of a MacBook Pro and I couldn’t be happier. Still, occasionally, as in any longer term relationship, I do have complaints.

One of biggest was the screening dimming while showing clients work. It irks me to have to flick the trackpad every 10 minutes just to keep screen bright. Sure, I could go into System Preferences > Energy Saver and turn off this function but then I always forgot to turn it back on (I’d often realize this after coming home from a gig to find my computer screen had been burning for over 24 hours straight).

Is there no simple solution for this tiny dilemma?  Actually, there is.


How does Caffeine work? This little app puts an icon on the right side of your menu bar. You just have to click it once and it disables the screen dimming/saver/et al. Click it again and it re-enables your original Energy Saver settings.

What’s even sweeter is that they just added a function where you can set a time limit for the app. That way you won’t accidentally activate this app and leave your screen burning overnight.

Practical and efficient, this app rocks. Every media worker with an Apple notebook should install this immediately.

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