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The Seance – 28. October, 2013

Happy Pre Halloween!

I know people are throwing scary stuff at you like crazy right now but let me offer you something a bit different. I first heard this on KCRW, then again on How Sound. It’s the true story of a seance and it’s pretty fucking cool.


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She Sees You – 30. March, 2013

Besides being a passionate, Latin lover of music I’m also a pretty big radio documentary nerd. I mean, Hell, I subscribe to 3 public radio stations across the country. Therefore, you’ll understand why I absolutely had to share this awesome radio story. It’s called “She Sees Your Every Move” and I took this from the Studio 360 website (although How Sound did a great highlighting of the story). To me, it’s as if David Lynch suddenly did a radio story (I am, first and foremost, a cinephile).


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Friday Fun: Frightened Rabbit on The World – 7. May, 2010

By now you gotta know how much I love Frightened Rabbit so it’s no surprise that I’d want to share this interview they did with Marco Werman of The World.

[audio:Frightened Rabbit.mp3]

As an added bonus, here’s a live in-studio version of “Living in Color”.

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Studio 360 with Alec Baldwin (What?!) – 12. April, 2010

So it’s been a while since I wrote about my favorite NPR podcasts and I almost skipped this one for one obvious reason… but then I had to include it for one obvious reason.

Studio 360 is a great radio program about film, literature, music, the arts that’s normally hosted by Kurt Anderson but this episode is hosted by Alec Baldwin and it’s awesome.

Please listen.


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SXSW 2010 Day 4 – 21. March, 2010

My final day at SXSW started late but thanks to my friend, the beautiful & always stylish Kelly, I was able to see Ben Gibbard play the Stereogum party.

SXSW 2010 Day 4 - 08

Man, this man and his band will always have space on my music shelf.

I then ran across town to catch The Boxer Rebellion.

SXSW 2010 Day 4 - 10

As you can see from that pic, these guys were rocking the hell out of their last show.

And what SXSW would be complete without a Frightened Rabbit sighting.

SXSW 2010 Day 4 - 21

So damn good. I’m pretty sure the plane ride home will feature lots of their tunes only interrupted by…


SXSW 2010 Day 4 - 40

This was my second time seeing them but now I’m completely in love with Rachel Flotard. Why? First, she saw me singing along and mentioned it. Second, the set was awesome and she even took an off-the-cuff request from the audience. Third, she referenced both Winger and “Pigs in Space“. Seriously, Rachel, when you’re in LA drop me a line and I’ll take you out for a dinner.

Next up was Minipop.

SXSW 2010 Day 4 - 50

Why these guys? Because I like their song from the 1,038 MP3 SXSW music sampler I told you about. What an added bonus that the lead singer is such a cutie.

I then saw Best Coast because my friend Kate tole me to.

SXSW 2010 Day 4 - 57

Since they’re a new band and the lead singer was whining about having played so many shows at the festival (who didn’t?) all I’ll say is that I should have checked out Surfer Blood instead.

And finally I braved the cold night to witness Death.

SXSW 2010 Day 4 - 63

They were awesome and if you don’t know their story you should listen to this NPR story. And obviously they’re my pick-of-the-day.

[audio:Keep On Knocking.mp3]

And with the I say adios to SXSW. I hope to come back soon. LA, here I come.

BTW, the next stop on the Tony Music Express is Coachella!

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Friday Fun: So Sticky – 19. February, 2010

Happy Friday. Today I ask which pop diva makes you sticky.

(get your head out of the gutter)

I’m talking about memorability. In web parlance, they talk about the importance of stickiness. You can get people to your page but how long do they stick around? The longer they stick around, the better you’re doing… or something like that.

So let’s perform a little test.

I recently work on the latest crapfest from the director of the first two Harry Potter flicks (easily the worst in the series). In a desperate attempt to grab young viewers, this film features not one but two pop hits. The first is this little ditty.

The second tune is by this young lady who was featured not once, not twice but thrice on NPR (is this a sign of the apocalypse?).

When the credits rolled, it was the Ke$ha song that haunted my soul but the following morning I woke up humming Lady Gaga. Therefore, I posit that the Gaga song is the stickier of the two.

Do you agree or disagree?  Which song do you end up humming in the shower?

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This American Life – 25. December, 2009

My holiday gift to you is my holiday gift to myself. Last night I bought one of the sweetest shirts I’ve ever seen but there’s a bit of backstory required.

First, you need to check out THIS AMERICAN LIFE. Maybe you’ve seen the cable show but you should really listen to the radio program or podcast them like I do.

Second, you need to listen to this story (it runs about 14 minutes).


Now check out the shirt I bought by clicking on the TAL logo below.  Don’t cheat.  Listen to the whole story first before clicking below.



Lastly, this is public radio so they operate off the generosity of your donations and this year it’s easier than ever to support THIS AMERICAN LIFE.  You can now text the word LIFE to the number 25383 and you’ll make a one-time donation of $5; it’ll show up on your mobile phone bill.  After you send the text, you’ll need to reply YES to the confirmation and you’re done.  If that story and shirt made you smile, why not do the right thing and show this great radio program a little Christmas love.

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Friday Fun: Neko Case Loves Films – 18. December, 2009

Earlier this month Neko Case was a guest curator on TCM. She showed four of her favorite films and then discussed them with Robert Osborne; this was one of the few times I wish I had cable.

What movies did she pick?





If I were you, I’d check out these flicks. I’m sure my baby wouldn’t lead you astray. And if that weren’t enough fun for this Friday here’s a link to Neko performing live; thanks to NPR for posting this for free earlier this year.

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Coincidental Resonant Harmony – 14. December, 2009

At the 5 o’clock hour this morning, while I waited for a reel to wrap after five hours on the job, I ran out for coffee. In the car I caught the tail end of an interview and I knew I had to hear the whole thing.

At the 7 o’clock hour I caught NPR interviewing Rachel Flotard, lead singer of Visqueen, about her latest album, “Message to Garcia“.


Allow me a digression. I stumbled upon this band and album when Amazon offered a free download of the lead single and said “…with Neko Case singing back up.” Here’s that song.

[audio:Visqueen – Hand Me Down.mp3]

The song kicked around my iPod and I kinda liked, it was growing on me, but there was also this “other” attraction. It’s hard to describe but that song was resonating with the dark of my heart and creating some interesting harmonies. I download the rest of the album from eMusic and my unspoken relationship with this set of songs grew more intense. I can’t tell you how many hours I sat absorbing the pop-rock that emanated from my speakers.

And then I heard this NPR interview


I sat in my car leveled. It all makes perfect sense. I get why that harmony happened. I now love this album and band more that you can possibly imagine, more than I care to share.

That’s all I have to say about that.

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Filmmaker Forum 2009 – 12. October, 2009

This past weekend I attended the 2009 Filmmaker Forum, an examination of the ever changing face of independent film hosted by Film Independent. What follows is a fuzzy recounting of my weekend.


While Jeremy Thomas has had a successful and varied career, his speech was neither an in-depth examination of the indie film industry nor was it a forecast of the impending doom and the blue skies to follow. it wasn’t terrible but it won’t set the blogosphere afire. Saturday’s highlights were:

1) Linda Lichter. As a panelist, she was frank and honest and always cut through the bulls**t. She also always reminded the other panelist that while their version of indie was a $5 million film with Luke Wilson, most of us  were making films for less than a million, often less than a $100k. Linda, if you’re reading this, I want to tell you that you’re a rock star (too bad I already have an awesome lawyer).

2) Peter Broderick. While every other panel should have been titled “why indie film sucks and it’ll only get harder for you” Peter actually brought us hope and inspiration. He told us that we can still make our films and find an audience. Is it harder than ever? Yes, of course, but the tools are there for us to shape out destiny. Thanks, Peter.

3) Lizzie Gillett. First, she crowd-funded a documentary. Second, she had a virtual world premiere where both Moby and Thom Yorke played. Third, she appeared via Skype from the UK. Fourth, I think she’s really cute and she might be single.

4) Richard Klubeck. If he quits the industry, NPR should pick him up. He has a great radio voice.

5) Ron Yerxa. Did a great job moderating a panel plus he was impeccably dressed. As the weekend progressed I realized he wears the same uniform but I still give him points for trying.


I was a bit more out of it this day. I’ll get into that in a bit but here were my highlights

1) “Distribution Case Studies”, “Day & Date: Three Years and Counting” and “New Uses for Film Festivals” panels. These were lively panels and I actually knew two of the panelists (Steak House & Jon Reiss). During each discussion, panelists started interrupting each other, correcting each other, throwing down. In short, it was the perfect kick in the ass to a sleepy Sunday.

2) The following quote constitutes a highlight: “international pre-sales for indies aren’t dead. You bring me an action thriller with Jason Statham and I’ll get you a ton of money out of Germany.” BTW, that was said sincerely and with a straight face.

3) Finally using hash tags in Twitter. I still don’t really understand them (Marsha Collier explained them enough to me so that I’m no longer in the dark) but I started using them and suddenly I saw some of the power and scope of Twitter.

4) Seeing my friend Abby and getting to wish her a happy birthday in person.


The big difference for me this year versus previous years are the meetings I’d set up. If you read my earlier post, you know I had meetings with a distributor, a CE, an agent and a consultant. So active/charming/fearless was I that I also met with three managers and one more agent. Almost every meeting went well. Sure, not all meetings ended with “send me your stuff”, how could they when, say for example, you only rep directors with Canadian passports, but four of them ended with “send me your stuff.”

Let me repeat: I impressed 4 people enough for them to ask me to send my stuff their way. Will they read/watch my stuff? Probably not; that’ll get farmed out to an assistant or intern, but I got my toe jammed into four doors and I call that a major f**king accomplishment.

Time to rest.

(Ha! Yeah, right. I wish.)