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Writing Log Week 28 – 17. July, 2017

This was a tough week.

That’s why I didn’t do much of anything.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes isn’t the best Howard Hawks but Marilyn… DAMN!

And I have to agree with my pseudo name sake, The Raid is a quality movie.

Next week I gotta get back on top of business.

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The Coke Bottle Writers Room – 4. August, 2016

You know the Coke bottle figure, right? Curvy at the top, a little heavier at the bottom…


Yup, that’s it. Now, how does this relate to writing?

A few weeks ago an Amigo broke the news that he’d booked a staff writing gig on a new drama. Awesome, right? I immediately started asking a hundred questions.

Me, “How big is the room?”

Amigo, “Eight.”

Me, “How does the room break down?”

Amigo, “It’s top and bottom heavy, but a little heavier at the bottom, kinda like–“

Me, “Yup, I know, but what are the titles, exactly?”

Amigo, “There are 2 Executive Producers, 1 Co-Executive Producer, 1 Co-Producer, and 4 Staff Writers.”


And I was like…


See, this is the pecking order, from most senior writer to baby writer:

Executive Producer
Co-Executive Producer
Supervising Producer
Executive Story Editor
Story Editor
Staff Writer

My Amigo is in a room with three senior writers, one mid-level writer and four newbies. The way staffing is supposed to work, you get a title (and salary) bump to Story Editor after your first season. I’m pretty sure the show won’t promote four writers to Story Editor. They’ll promote one, boot the other three.

Man, that’s feelsĀ cold blooded.

Friends with greater experience, tell me: is this common in the modern television landscape or more of a sexy aberration?


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