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Culture Nerd Envy – 27. May, 2014

We love those that do the things we can’t. We hate those that do the things we can, but make it seem effortless.

Therefore, I hate Chuck Klosterman. I hate his pop knowledge, I hate his engrossing writing style and now I hate his awesome musical taste.

And because the internet is tone deaf, I don’t really hate Chuck. I envy him. I hate myself for envying him.

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The Seance – 28. October, 2013

Happy Pre Halloween!

I know people are throwing scary stuff at you like crazy right now but let me offer you something a bit different. I first heard this on KCRW, then again on How Sound. It’s the true story of a seance and it’s pretty fucking cool.


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Great Tastes – Reggie Watts – 29. April, 2013

A while back I confessed my envy of Danny Boyle, both as a director and of his musical tastes. It turns out I need to put Reggie Watts on that pedestal, at least in regards to his taste in music. Don’t believe me? Check out his dope set.

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SXSW 2013 Prep: From 999 to 109 – 4. March, 2013

After skimming through 999 MP3s, 109 tracks caught enough of my attention to warrant a 2nd listen. I’ll easily cut this group by half, if not more, and that’ll form my list of “new music to check out” at SXSW 2013.

But I should also check in with the taste makers (Pitchfork, KCRW, Rachael Ray, Jenna, who else?)… and RSVP for some parties. Any suggestions?

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Sasquatch 2012 – 25. June, 2012

First, giant props to KCRW for the free tickets to Sasquatch 2012. People, what can I say? It pays to pledge.

Now I know it’s been almost a month and I apologize. Work has sucked since, well, since I accepted my promotion, and that leaves me with little time to tend to this blog.

But enough excuses.

Okay, one more excuse. I’m sorry but so much of the trip is now such a blur that I can’t do my proper write up of the fest. I can’t break down every band I saw. Actually, that might work to my advantage, prevent me from sticking my foot in my mouth, ya know? And really, what more do you need to know than there were a bunch of awesome bands and a lot of Hipster Youth.

Sasquatch 2012 - 09

F**king hipster youth. Yeah, that’s right, “Sieg Heil!” to your all powerful Führer Bear.

Dark humor aside (it’s all I got for a defense mechanism), I want to highlight two of the best goddamn bands I saw.

The first was Tune-Yards (Jenna, I know, you’re a hater but just shut it for a second).

Sasquatch 2012 - 29

I was not a fan of their album but live, holy Hell! These guys have an infectious punk rock energy that compels you to jump up and down like a maniac.

The second band that blew me away was Fun.

Sasquatch 2012 - 52

I loved that one song but thought the rest was a gimmick. I was muthfuckin’ wrong. These guys put on a phenomenal show. Do yourself a favor: see them.

And what’s more fun than a flying dinosaur?

Sasquatch 2012 - 49

So there ya go. Go out, buy their albums and see them live.

… okay, here comes the obligatory “I’m gonna write more, I swear” but between work, sending out my CHUCK spec (don’t laugh) and getting addicted to assignments in Battlefield 3, when does a boy have time to blog?

Well, I’m saying it again: I won’t muthafuckin’ give up. It’s the pen or the gun. One of them is gonna kill me.

End of muthafuckin’ line!

PS, here are all my pics.

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SXSW 2011 Day 1 – 17. March, 2011

After a delayed flight because of a small (and fatal) plane crash at my airport, I was on my way to Austin for SXSW.

SXSW Day 01 - 1

After snagging my badge (my hotel is walkable but it’s an “athletic” walk), I raced across town to check out the KCRW show and The Belle Brigade.

SXSW Day 01 - 4

Then I tried to see The Black Angels but the line was around the block so I hoofed back across town to see Low in a church.

SXSW Day 01 - 6

Ya know, churches can be great venues, just not at festivals. I then ran over to check out Small Sins in a tiny venue.

SXSW Day 01 - 7

Despite terrible sound issues, they were awesome. I cut early so I could check out Duran Duran. The line was so massive I just stood outside, listened to “Notorious” and ran across the street to see Yuck.

SXSW Day 01 - 8

They were so hip I think they felt they didn’t have to try.

Guys, you always gotta try.

If it isn’t obvious, my pick of the day is a band I’ve already highlighted. Please, go buy an album by Small Sins.

[audio:Why Dont You Believe Me.mp3]

Time for bed, then an early morning to plan my party prowl.

PS, can you tell I got a new iPhone with Hipstamatic?

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Theater Talk – 28. December, 2009

I caught most of NINE and just wasn’t blown away. I talked to some friends that also saw it and they just couldn’t put their finger on it either. Then I heard this episode of Theater Talk.

Once again I have KCRW to thank for their insight.

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The Business Brief – 16. November, 2009

A while ago I covered The Business by KCRW but they also have a sister program hosted by their producer Matt Holzman. This week’s topic sent a shiver down my back.

I’m gonna assume you’ve seen THE BOONDOCK SAINTS. Have you seen the documentary OVERNIGHT? If not, do that next.

That Troy Duffy gets held up as a 2.0 filmmaking hero and that it’s suggested that others should try to emulate his resolve, well, I know what they mean but that also kinda makes me sick.

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Second Opinion – 30. September, 2009

In my continuing effort to turn you on to KCRW’s wonderful programming, may I suggest you take a listen to A Second Opinion.

So why this particular episode? Allow me an indulgence. Growing up, I had a best friend that was a genius. I don’t use that as hyperbole; he was studying to become a doctor (both PhD and MD) at the same time. Therefore he studied, researched, trained and worked like a mad man (did I ever mention the sumer he and I drove strippers around town at night? No? Well, that’s for another post).

My buddy couldn’t afford to sleep more than 3-4 hours a night but after a while the body starts to buckle. This was when a medical school friend of his turned him on to Ritalin. “Once in a while” turned into “once a week” which turned into a crystal meth addiction that led to his heart exploding one night.

And I can say with certainty that he isn’t the only MD I knew that (ab)used Ritalin (also knew a few more MDs that partook in the crystal meth).

So to answer Dr. Michael Wilkes, I don’t think we need jacked up doctors that can see more patients. I think we need well rested doctors that don’t need the crutch.

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Art Talk – 10. August, 2009

If you’ve ever found yourself under the spell of a Russian baritone expounding on art then you’ve heard one of the true treasures of KCRW. If not, allow me to introduce you to Art Talk:

Edward has got to be one of the most forthright commentators on the station. And fie on LACMA for ending their film series. At a time when Hollywood is packing more theaters with the same tent pole fare, Los Angeles needs to preserve every possible alternative theater space imaginable. That means we can’t lose The Egyptian, The New Beverly or The Bing at LACMA.

Also, if you haven’t been to the summer screening series at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, you’re missing out on one of the truly awesome Los Angeles experiences. Need a better reason? August 22 they’re showing SINGING IN THE RAIN.

‘Nuff said.

PS, if I had the stones I’d come dressed up as Alex DeLarge and bring a few of my droogies for a bit of the ol’… whoa, pardon, that was Dark Tony popping up out of nowhere. Ignore that.

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