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Writing Log Week 36 – 11. September, 2017

At some point we must face undeniable facts. For me, it’s that I won’t finish this pilot by the time I start my feature writing class.

Class starts on September 23 and I’m still halfway through an outline. The first few acts are solid but the second half feels too cliche. My suspicion is that the characters aren’t meaty enough to carry us through the end of page 60. Or maybe I’m stuck in a vicious cycle of self sabotage. I’m not sure anymore. What I do know is that I can bang out an outline by September 23. That’s my new goal.

For good news, I’ve been working on what I’ll write in Pilar’s feature class (starts September 23) and Hollie’s pilot class (starts October 28). Actually, for Pilar’s class, I have both an “A” and “B” idea. The “A” idea is a contained thriller that I’m really digging. The problem is that the “B” idea is easy to pitch and built off IP and — it’s just so goddamn sexy. The minute I tell anyone idea “B”, their eyes go wide, like I just told them that I have a winning lotto ticket. My problem (if it is a problem) is that I *REALLY* want to write idea “A” first. Also, idea “A” is small, potentially an indie-ish film, but I don’t know if Pilar will respond to it. Idea “B” is a goddamn movie.

Anyway, enough of my blah-blah-blah. Let’s talk about what I read and watched.

Thanks to a good friend, I was able to catch a 35mm double feature of both Jackie Brown and Out of Sight. Tarantino’s post Pulp Fiction film is a long, rambling meditation on getting old.┬áIt plays well on the big screen but I have a feeling its self-indulgences would be a bit too much at home.

That said, I enjoyed it much more now than when I first saw it in theaters. Soderbergh’s film, on the other hand, feels fresh and timeless. It’s a goddamn great movie. It’s practically perfect.

Mother is a contained sci-fi thriller that’s a real page turner. We’ve seen this story before — hundreds of times — but if it’s done right, if they get the right cast and director, it could be a home run.

And that’s all for now. Time to bang out that outline and prep for Pilar’s class.

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Writing Log Week 34 – 28. August, 2017

So the big disappointment this week is that I didn’t script any pages.

I had started writing my pilot last week but, when I went back to my beat sheet, I realized that it wasn’t quite as thorough as I hoped. That’s why I’m taking some time to bang out a full outline (12-20 pages for a 60 page script). Still, I did do more great research for the feature I hope to write in Pilar Alessandra’s class and the pilot I’ll write in Hollie Overton’s Script Anatomy class.

While I’m here, I should mention that I have it on good authority that both Writers on the Verge and the WB Writers Workshop have called applicants for interviews and… and I didn’t get a call this year.

Frankly, I’m not as glum about it as I thought I’d be. There’s still NHMC but maybe I need to think about expanding my resume in other, more creative ways. Maybe it’s time to write that comic book or make a fiction podcast. Something, anything, to help me stand out.

But I digress. This week I completed what must be my 10th viewing of Edge of Tomorrow. Goddamn, I love this movie. It want to call it a perfect sci-fi movie — yeah, I like it that much. I also watched The Invitation. A lot was made about this slow burn of a chamber piece. It’s… it’s not for me but everything it’s about is for me.

Lastly, I read the Black List script Free Guy. It’s like a live action LEGO movie, and to say any more would spoil the read.

(hint, hint)

I will say that the writing is funny, fasting moving and surprisingly emotional. If they can properly visualize the main conceit, this has the potential to be awesome.

That’s all for this week. Me, I’m gonna keep tearing though this outline. You, be excellent to each other.

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