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Consumed August 2015 – 31. August, 2015

August is the kind of month where all I want to do is nap in front of the air-conditioner. Also, it doesn’t help that I’m dying to hear back from the fellowships and contests.

But nah, it’s fine, it’s cool, it’s awesome.


But you’re not here to hear me bitch and moan. No, you want to know what I watched, played, read, etc. Let’s go!

Hannibal – And so ends a great show. Fingers crossed that American Gods fills the void.


Turn – Still winding my way through the first season. I’m really liking this show but I’m still looking to get hooked.


Friends – Finally finished watching the whole damn series. I could ramble on about waning quality but it’d be a moo point.


Halt & Catch Fire – Only three episodes in, the series shows a lot of promise. Still, easily my favorite thing is the opening credits. They’re just so f**king rad!

Jane the Virgin – Wow! First, this show is a shining jewel of optimism in an otherwise gritty television landscape. Second, it feels like they’re burning through two scripts worth of plot in every episode so it never, ever, drags. Bravo.


Bloodline – I know this show is good but damn if it don’t feel like TV vegetables.

Kyle Chandler (John Rayburn) in the Netflix Original Series BLOODLINE. Photo Credit: Saeed Ayani © 2015 Netflix, Inc. All rights reserved.

Inside Amy Schumer
Seinfeld – Since I finished Friends I thought I’d start Seinfeld from the beginning. Holy s**t, season one is terrible!


Ant-Man – Right down the middle. Not great. Not awful. Except for that poor girl’s wig. Can we get her a better wig for the next movie? How about a more flattering hair cut?


Mr. Holmes – A f**king lovely movie. Everyone should see it.


Inside OutPixar does it again. Great voice casting.


Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation – The definition of summer fun. Plus Rebecca Furguson for the win!


Beat The Champ by The Mountain Goats – In light of Rowdy Roddy Piper’s passing, I’ve been listening to this on repeat.

All or Nothin’ by Nikki Lane – Lordy, how can you not love her? This song in particular is like Dusty Springfield redux.

White Men Are Black Men Too by Young Fathers – If you don’t find this song infectious then you might not be alive.

My Education by Susan Choi – I *loved* hating the main character. What a goddamn selfish child… but aren’t we all at that age? No, we’re not, but this girl…


The Nakeds by Lisa Glatt – Not bad. Somehow I didn’t fall in love with this book and I blame Susan Choi for writing such wonderfully rich characters. This book pales by comparison.


Batman: Arkham Knight
The Spirit
Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis – So apparently there’s an obsession with Emma Frost’s… big eyes…


Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman
Batman: The Black Mirror – It’s clear why this is heralded as a modern classic. Go read it ASAP.


Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Four
Suicide Risk
DC Comics: Bombshells – How can you not love this series? Honestly, DC digital is just crushing it.


Hawkeye vs. Deadpool

Borderlands 2 – Goddamn this game has its hooks in me good.


That’s all folks. Hopefully next month I’ll feel less like this…


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Consumed July 2015 – 31. July, 2015

July was a swirling blur of Comic-Con, getting a nerd cold and preparing for a merger at the day job (ugh). That said, I did feel like I finally had a moment to take a deep breath and actually enjoy what I consumed (and I actually liked a lot of it).


House of Cards – This was the season of Claire. All hail Claire.


Orphan Black – I found this to be an unspectacular season, as I find most third seasons to be. It’s a theory I’m working on. More in another post.


Hannibal – The first half of this season (another show in its third season) could have been summed up in a slow-motion drop of blood set to a distorted ambient soundtrack. Honestly, next to zero story happened but the best is yet to come, right?


Daredevil – This is a good show. Maybe next season it will be great.


Turn – I kinda love this show.


Spy – Good, not great, but I better understand why everyone loves Melissa
(I want to pitch that show… wait, I think I just did).


Beat The Champ by The Mountain Goats – An alt-folk album about professional wrestling? Yes, please. I guarantee that this is the sweetest song about professional wrestling you can listen to right now.

Signs Preceding the End of the World by Yuri Herrera – I read so much into this because I wasn’t getting much from it (hey, ya can’t love everything).


My Education by Susan Choi – I’m actually half-way through. I’ll finish it soon!

Batman: Arkham Knight
Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman
Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Four
Meteor Men
Secret AvengersWarren Ellis writes a hell of an action sequence.


Doc Unknown
Fighting Stranger
Flash Gordon – Had I known this series would be this much fun, I would have started it earlier. BTW, Jordie Bellaire rocks the coloring.


High Crimes – The end of a good series (one I wish I had come up with).


Suicide Risk
Batman: The Black Mirror – One of Snyder’s earlier works. Pretty great.


Borderlands 2 – This game is my soulmate. I cannot stop playing. It’s my favorite game.

And so concludes a very muggy July in Los Angeles. On to the hell-hound that is August!

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APB: Hannibal Lecter Missing – 25. June, 2015

I missed my chance. I wanted to write a spec of Hannibal this year but backed away because I found a better suited show and now they’ve cancelled the best television on NBC. Honestly, I’m not sure I could have done Dr. Lecter justice, and heaven help me if Hannibal found me to be rude.

What ya cooking, Dr. Lecter?

What ya cooking, Dr. Lecter?

Did you watch Hannibal? Of course you didn’t. No one did. You should. It is the most singular show on broadcast television, maybe all of television. It is a show that puts dialog and character in the back seat so it can highlight hypnotic imagery, fever dream sound design and a twisted psychology.


As I told everyone, it’s like your favorite foreign film morphed into an awesome television show. It got deep under your skin, burrowed past your eyes and took root in your soul. Yeah, it was a show that would f**k you up.


Is all hope lost? No. There’s a vocal push for another outlet to pick up the show, and as Amazon has exclusive streaming rights, it’s a no brainer. Also, I’m further heartened that the show hasn’t canceled their San Diego Comic-Con panel. You bet your bloody grin I’ll be there.


So don’t be rude or the good doctor might be seeing you next.


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Spec The Show You Brought To The Dance – 8. January, 2015

As I’m finishing up the research for my next spec, a Hannibal, I felt it — that cold splash of panic that asks, “are you sure?” Why the panic? I think it’s because I just read the Austin Film Festival second rounder notes for my spec of The Americans. As a second rounder, I get two sets of notes. The first were complimentary with some well reasoned critique. The second set ripped me to shreds. It was bracing, to say the least.

I’m very proud of my script for The Americans but it was a challenge. I picked a challenging show to spec. I knew that going in. The show wasn’t the obvious choice for me, as a writer. I could have picked a show better suited for my talents but I wanted to challenge myself. And I did. And Hannibal is another challenging show. Maybe I’d be better off writing something that’s an easier fit for my voice, like The 100


or Agent Carter.


So that knee jerk reaction has made me rethink my choice. Maybe I should save the daring for a pilot and play it safe with the spec? Or maybe I should stick with my first choice.


What do you think?

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Looking Ahead to 2015 – 1. January, 2015

Welcome to 2015. Do you have big plans for this year? I do. Maybe too many big plans. As I said in my last post, I’ve been doing well writing my TV specs but it’s time to do more. So what are my writing goals for 2015? I hope to write a…
Feature – So far I’ve done some brainstorming and a basic half-page outline
Pilot – I’ve started breaking the story into acts (teaser plus five)
Comic Book – I’d like to do three 10-page stores this year
Web Comic Strip – I’d like to start posting strips by March.
TV Spec – I’ll be writing a Hannibal to submit to the fellowships and contests.


That’s a lot. For that kind of ambition, I need support. That’s why I’m taking a class via UCLA Extension. That’s why I’m joining a writing group. I know what I can do alone. I need to do better. I need to level up.

On the more fun front, I’d also love to do some international traveling this year. I don’t think I could travel very far, so maybe Canada. That counts as a foreign country, right?

Also, I’m not going to SXSW this year. That bums me out but after 6 (or possibly 7) straight years attending, I need a break. That also means I need to find another way to inject as much music into my life as humanly possible. Any recommendations?

Lastly, I need to better round out my life. How, I don’t know. Please, offer a recommendation.

Here’s hoping you have a great 2015.

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A Look Back at 2014 – 31. December, 2014

Was your 2014 a goddamn roller coaster ride? Mine was. There were lows, there were highs. One of which was finishing my third spec and making it to the Second Round of the Austin Film Festival Writers Conference (as well as making the semifinals of the Final Draft Big Break Contest).


For those keeping score, I’ve placed three times at Austin with specs for The Americans, Nikita, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. To me, that’s definitive proof that I can write. Television is a good arena for me. Now I need to level up… but that’s for my next post. Let’s get to the fun. Let’s get to my “Favorite _____ of the Year”. Ready? Let’s do this!

Favorite Movie of the Year – Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy was pure fun, an unexpected joy. With this movie Marvel proves they can do just about anything and we’ll go see it.


Here’s to many more years of fostering good will amongst the fans.

Favorite Line from a Movie This Year – Snowpiercer

Favorite Album of the Year – Year of the Caprese by Cherub


Cherub was my discovery of 2014, my favorite live act of SXSW and their album is equally awesome. Go. Pick. It. Up.

Favorite Book of the Year – Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki & His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami


I enjoyed the hell out of this book. Yes, I wanted to truncate the first third, loved the second third, and wanted to rewrite the final third but the language is so lush, so seductive, it’s irresistible.

Favorite Comic of the Year – Injustice: Gods Among Us

I’m not that familiar with the DCU — I grew up a Marvel kid — but the Injustice books are an awesome introduction to the characters.


Yes, it’s an alternate universe not beholden to company wide events but it’s such a great, heartfelt story that you won’t feel cheated. If you want to get into DC comics, this is the best introduction.

Favorite Game of the Year – Destiny


I know. Everyone hates the game. The acting is awful but it hooked me… for about 3 months straight, until the first DLC dropped. Plus we can thank them for this awesome music video.

Favorite Television Show of the Year – Hannibal

What ya cooking, Dr. Lecter?

What ya cooking, Dr. Lecter?

I loved the first season of Hannibal and I couldn’t fathom how the second season could get any better. But it did. It was freaking awesome. I’m very excited for the third season. But let me also say that over the Xmas break I discovered The 100.


How did I just discover this awesome show?

Favorite Animated Show of the Year – Rick and Morty


You must watch this phenomenal show. Need proof? The best thing about Rick and Morty is that it can have both DMX and Mazzy Star as part of their soundtrack.

And with that, I say adios to 2014.

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My Next Spec: Hannibal – 22. October, 2014

Guess what’s gonna be my next spec?

Once I’m back from Austin, it’s time to start reading the season one scripts and reverse engineering season two. Also gotta look up new recipes and interesting ways to kill people.



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The Green Arrow vs The Good Doctor Lecter – 18. October, 2014

After a tough summer and a terrible week, I’m calling an audible. I’ll be attending the Austin Film Festival’s Writers Conference and in preparation, I’ll be locking in my next spec script before I arrive in the land of brisket. Or, more accurately, you’ll be deciding my next spec for me. Will it be Arrow?


I’m thinking “Ollie Goes to the Gym”

or will it be Hannibal?

What ya cooking, Dr. Lecter?

What ya cooking, Dr. Lecter?

You decide. VOTE!

Which show should I spec next: Hannibal or Arrow?

  • Hannibal (67%, 4 Votes)
  • Arrow (33%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 6

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Final Showdown: Hannibal vs Arrow, VOTE! – 5. September, 2014

Holy s**t! In a last minute rally the good Doctor Lecter devoured the Agents of SHIELD.

Hannibal - Season 1

And so we are down to our final two contenders. Both shall enter but only one will emerge the victor.



If you’re up on your geekery, you know that Arrow has been casting like crazy and, unlike Marvel with Agents of SHIELD, they aren’t afraid of using DC characters in the show. Hell, if you read my last post, you know that a bit of casting news just delivered my spec idea a fatal bullseye to the heart. That’s fine. I’ll just have to dig up a different baddie for my script. It’s a challenge I’m willing to tackle.

In the other corner we have the fever dream that is Hannibal. I won’t lie, writing a Hannibal scares me. It’s highly serialized and more about mood and imagery than plot but it’ll be a great challenge for me. Plus I’ll have to dig up at least one amazing recipe where I could substitute the usual protein for that most dangerous game, man. That’s a tasty proposition (I couldn’t resist).

Okay, this is it. Will I be cozying up to the Emerald Archer


or Hannibal the Cannibal?


Will I be crafting passionate moments between masked avengers…


Or plumbing the depths of my darkness for something like this?


Are the young and cross-fit my cast…


Or cops, killers and cooks?


I leave it in your hand.

Which show should I spec next: Hannibal or Arrow?

  • Hannibal (67%, 4 Votes)
  • Arrow (33%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 6

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Agents of SHIELD vs Hannibal, VOTE! – 28. July, 2014

In a battle of the titans, the emerald archer clearly wins.


And now were are down to a trio of awesome shows.


So let the penultimate battle begin!


While both of these shows are well regarded, there are a ton of naysayers. Many have complained about the molasses-like pacing and lack of superheroes in Agents of SHIELD. Still, Marvel believes enough in the show to build a block of programming around the premise with the addition of Agent Carter.


And they have a new comic book series with superstar writer Mark Waid launching this fall.


As for Hannibal, it might be the most buzzed about network show that keeps getting renewed despite very low ratings.


It’s so well regarded that it got show creator Bryan Fuller a shot at adapting Neil Gaiman‘s American Gods, a property notoriously known as being unable to be adapted into television. Just ask HBO. They spent years trying to make a show from this novel before giving up the rights.

So, which is the better show for me to spec next year? Will it be the superheroes or the serial killer? Cast your voice either below of in the sidebar.

Which is a better show to spec, Agents of SHIELD or Hannibal?

  • Agents of SHIELD (50%, 3 Votes)
  • Hannibal (50%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 6

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