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What’s the Best Action Movie Script? – 17. November, 2016

What are the best written action movie scripts out there? Many will say Die Hard


… or Aliens


… or — if you require a contemporary example — Gravity.


What do you think is a terrifically written action movie script?

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My Best of 2013 (It’s Late Because I Read 1,100 Comics) – 31. January, 2014

As I was writing, traveling and working throughout Christmas / the start of the new year, I’m very late to this conversation. After reading tons of lists about the best movies, books, games and comics (including one long, well written list), let me offer a few thoughts of my own.

Favorite MovieGravity


But honestly, I haven’t seen a lot of the must see movies. I haven’t seen 12 Years A Slave, Inside Llewyn Davis, The Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle, Her, Captain Phillips, Dallas Buyers Club, Nebraska, Blue Jasmin, Frozen, Saving Mr. Banks, All is Lost… basically I haven’t seen anything good.

Favorite AlbumModern Vampires of the City by Vampire Weekend


I wrote a few year-end posts about music so I’ll only briefly mention that I also loved Neko Case, Hey Ocean, Chvrches, Annie, NIN, Franz Ferdinand, Haim, Tegan & Sara, and The Talking Heads.

Favorite BookLife by Keith Richards


Honestly, it was way overrated but I think it was the only book I finished. I started more than a handful but… now I feel terrible about myself. Maybe that’s why I’ve started 3 books this year: American Gods, Sex, Drugs & Cocoa Puffs, and The Empty Chair.

Favorite ComicHawkeye (and I haven’t even read the “pizza dog” issue yet)


HOLY S**T, I read over 1,100 comics last year (that’s why I only finished one book in 2013). I still haven’t read Saga, Mind MGMT, or East of West, but I really enjoyed Avengers, Nightwing, Bandette, Batman Beyond 2.0, Animal Man (more appreciated than liked), Batman, The Bunker, Captain Marvel (really loved some of the art), Daredevil, Prophet (so weird but awesome) and then there were all the Top Cow comics I read for the Talent Hunt. Of them, I’d say I dug Artifacts and the Magdalena stories most.

Favorite GameThe Last of Us


Hands down the best game of the year. I played the Hell out of Borderlands 2 but nothing lingers like The Last of Us.

Favorite Television ShowBreaking Bad


But I also loved Nikita (and the hot spec I wrote for it), Sleepy Hollow, Arrow, The Americans, The Blacklist, Homeland, Game of Thrones and Orphan Black (which will hopefully be my next spec).

Favorite Home Away From Home – Austin

I was there twice this year, I know where I like to stay, I have favorite places to eat, drink, shop, get groceries.  Now, if only I could meet a lady Austin-ite…


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Austin, I’m Back Sooner Than Expected – 12. October, 2013

“You *HAVE* to go!”

So said my buddy Ted while waiting in line for GRAVITY.

Gravity movie poster

BTW, see it in 3D, ATMOS, and, fuck it, D-Box too.

He said, “the people you meet over that one weekend, it would take you six months to do the same here in Los Angeles.”

And he’s right.


My NIKITA spec placed in the Second Round of the Austin Film Festival Teleplay Competition, got me to the semifinals of the NBC/Universal Writers on the Verge program, and got me to the quarterfinals of the Final Draft Big Break Television Contest (where I’m still in play for the semis).  I have a little bit of heat, so it only makes sense that I take this ember and see if I can start a fire.

So I’m going back to Austin earlier than expected.

I’m still figuring out my schedule, lodging, etc., but if you have any great tips, let me know!  Also, drop me a line if you’re attending.