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Writing Log Week 13 – 11. April, 2017

Lucky week 13, right?

Well, sorta. Not really.

I did work on my Blindspot spec, which is shaping up nicely (big thanks to my Script Anatomy class).

Why wasn’t I more productive? Because I still haven’t beaten Ghost Recon: Wildlands (stupid video game addiction).

Did you watch the new Ghost in the Shell movie? Yeah… let’s just leave that there. What about Trucker & Dale vs. Evil? It’s a fun premise… let’s move on to the scripts.

The Snowpiercer pilot is the most wonderful sort of insanity I’ve ever seen committed to the printed page. I cannot wait to watch the pilot. El Jefe is the Paul Attanasio CBS pilot and it’s a masterclass in deftly combining character with action. Goddamn, that guy can write!

That’s all for now. See y’all next week.

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Writing Log Week 12 – 27. March, 2017

What makes this week different from all the past weeks I’ve done this log? I didn’t watch any movies.

Check it.

Why? One, I started a Script Anatomy spec writing class and had to read everyone else’s homework. Two, my writing group met and everyone submitted, so I had A LOT of reading this week.

Also, I played the hell out of Ghost Recon: Wildlands because I have an addiction.

Still, I did read CATHERINE THE GREAT, the top Blacklist script from 2014. It’s pretty… great.

Oh, and obviously I worked on my spec.

Expect more from me next week.

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Writing Log Week 11 – 21. March, 2017

Just as I was getting over my second major illness of the year, I fell into an annual pit of despair. Then I got a new video game. And when I’m in the spiritual/emotional crapper, no escape is sweeter than a new video game.

So, obviously, my writing went to hell this week.

Well, yeah, it wasn’t a total loss. I read 2 pilots. Doomsday is an exciting new idea from long time Justified writer VJ Boyd. Messiah is, well, I don’t know if I can say anything about it. Sorry.

I only just saw the animated Ghost in the Shell this year. Yeah, it’s… you know… they find a lot of reasons to get her naked. As for Kong: Skull Island, it left me wanting more.

I swear, next week will be better.

Oh, what game was I playing? Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Meet my character, who’s like Natalie Morales channeling her inner Linda Hamilton.

Yeah, she’s a badass.

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Consumed February 2017 – 28. February, 2017

Short month, big content consumption, so I be like…

Veep – Julia Louis Dreyfus is a goddamn national treasure.

Santa Clarita Diet
Broad City
Voltron: Legendary Defender – An awesome update to a beloved favorite but I miss the way OG Voltron used to murder the living f**k out of a robeast.

Legion – So many amazing things to rave about but #1 might be Rachel Keller.

Black Mirror – I am still waiting for that “blow me away” moment.

The People vs. OJ Simpson – The TV equvalent of a Long Island Iced Tea.

Lethal Weapon
Son of Zorn
Bob’s Burgers
The Americans – Simply the best show on TV.

Sleepwalk with Me
Man Up – an incredibly winning Romantic Comedy.

The Lego Batman Movie
John Wick: Chapter 2
Elle – Paul Verhoeven and Isabelle Huppert are masters.

Get Out

Mort(e) by Robert Repino – The first thing I read about sentient animals.

Life Sentence
Killing Eve

Blonde Ambition

DC Comics: Bombshells
Animosity – The other thing I read about sentient animals.

Video Games
Ghost Recon: Wildlands – My character was basically a tattooed Natalie Morales with a sniper rifle. So, ya know, a badass.

End transmission.

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