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Friday Fun: 2010 Mix Part 1 – 3. September, 2010

To everyone that I’ve promised mixed CDs to in the past, I’m sorry. I’m too damn busy and I hate the post office.  For those that I never promised anything to, it’s your lucky day.  I’ve been feeling blue and decided to do something fun.

Here’s “Tony’s 2010 Mix, Part 1” for you listening pleasure.  Enjoy!

[audio:The Heavy – How You Like Me Now.mp3,Band of Skulls – Patterns.mp3,Codine Velvet Club – Hollywood.mp3,The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio.mp3,Vampire Weekend – Run.mp3,Lykke Li – Little Bit.mp3,Billy Bragg – Greetings To The New Brunette.mp3,Broken Social Scene – All To All.mp3,Nina Gordon – Straight Out Of Compton.mp3,The New Pornographers – Crash Years.mp3,Frightened Rabbit – The Wrestle.mp3,Manchester Orchestra – The Only One.mp3,Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill.mp3,Surfer Blood – Swim.mp3,Sexton Blake – Bette Davis Eyes.mp3,We Were Promised Jetpacks – Quiet Little Voices.mp3]

In return I ask that you either send me a mix or, at the very least, you tell me what you liked about my mix in the comments section below (not in stupid Facebook comments but on my actual blog).

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Friday Fun: Frightened Rabbit on The World – 7. May, 2010

By now you gotta know how much I love Frightened Rabbit so it’s no surprise that I’d want to share this interview they did with Marco Werman of The World.

[audio:Frightened Rabbit.mp3]

As an added bonus, here’s a live in-studio version of “Living in Color”.

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Friday Fun: Summer 2010 Blockbusters – 30. April, 2010

If this doesn’t make you want to watch a movie this summer, you’re dead.


On a completely unrelated note, if you want a burger before/after your summer blockbuster here’s a map to let you know the burger penetration in your area.

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Friday Fun: Musicians Make How Much Online? – 23. April, 2010

Actually it’s more like “how hard do I have to work?”

Nothing says “Friday Fun” like a graphic, especially one that’s kinda depressing, right?! Anyway, I found this and had to share.

Pretty sobering, especially when I think about how I’ll probably have to release my first feature solo and online. How I wish the ONE TOO MANY MORNINGS guys would release their data.  I wonder how they’re doing.

Friday Fun: Best of SXSW 2010 – 9. April, 2010

A few posts ago I told you about a SXSW music torrent that contained 1,038 songs.  I listened to all those songs and these are the 59 tracks that I found worthy of a second listen.

I just saved you over a day of listening.  You’re welcome.  So what do you think?  Do you like/hate any of these?

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Friday Fun: Drive Nerd, Drive! – 12. March, 2010

So I don’t have a workbench nor do particularly enjoy racing games but this makes me wish I did.

If you have some extra time and space to trick out your PS3 and a desire to kick some serious ass playing NEED FOR SPEED then here are the instructions.

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Friday Fun: So Sticky – 19. February, 2010

Happy Friday. Today I ask which pop diva makes you sticky.

(get your head out of the gutter)

I’m talking about memorability. In web parlance, they talk about the importance of stickiness. You can get people to your page but how long do they stick around? The longer they stick around, the better you’re doing… or something like that.

So let’s perform a little test.

I recently work on the latest crapfest from the director of the first two Harry Potter flicks (easily the worst in the series). In a desperate attempt to grab young viewers, this film features not one but two pop hits. The first is this little ditty.

The second tune is by this young lady who was featured not once, not twice but thrice on NPR (is this a sign of the apocalypse?).

When the credits rolled, it was the Ke$ha song that haunted my soul but the following morning I woke up humming Lady Gaga. Therefore, I posit that the Gaga song is the stickier of the two.

Do you agree or disagree?  Which song do you end up humming in the shower?

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Friday Fun: Beer Wars – 5. February, 2010

Happy Friday everyone!

If you’ve ever met me in a bar or seen me in a decent restaurant and asked “what’s a good beer” then you’ve heard me give an impromptu lecture on brown ales or how a pilsener is different from a lager.  Yes, I’m a beer geek and it’s all because of a documentary called BEER WARS.

This week, that documentary is available on iTunes (and apparently my PS3 too but I can’t stop playing BORDERLANDS to check–help). Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof.

(that’s the documentary on the “iTunes->Movies” homepage sandwiched between NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU and some Hulk cartoon while I download the latest FRINGE).

Of course I’m biased (dear FTC, I worked on it for almost three years but I am not being compensated for this mention… but if the director wanted to buy me some tasty cupcakes I wouldn’t say “no”) but I think it’s a pretty damn good doc. Also, the “making of” was mighty interesting so I can’t wait for the behind-the-scenes book (hint, hint; nudge nudge).

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Friday Fun: Tony’s 2009 Winter Mix – 29. January, 2010

If you’ve known me for more than a moment you know that 1) I love music and 2) I love making mixtapes. I’ve made them for long road trip, short jobs, and girls that think I’m “really nice but…”. I won’t bore you with the “how I curate my annual mixtapes” so let’s just get to.

“Tony’s 2009 Winter Mix” which is a collection of song I acquired from the second part of last year. Want a copy? This is what you gotta do.

  • Drop a comment on my blog (not on Twitter, not on Facebook but on my Cinematic Arias blog) asking for the mix CD (be sure to leave the comment on this post’s page, not on another post’s page). I’ll email you for your mailing address.
  • The CD will arrive with no track names. This is purposeful. I believe a good mix has a narrative composed from the collected tracks. Resist the urge to spoil the surprise of “what comes next”. Jump in the car and listen to the whole thing at least once before you pull up Shazam on your iPhone.
  • By accepting a mix, you agree to come back to my blog and post your thoughts on at least one of the songs. It doesn’t have to be an essay, just a few sentences will do, but you do owe me your two cents.

But act fast because I only burned 10 of these guys and I’m not making more.

Speaking of which, a few of you owe me your thoughts from the last mix you received. Sean, Kate, Bella, Emily, I haven’t see your comments regarding the last two mixes you received. Come on, let’s hear what you got to say.

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Friday Fun: More Than Reality – 22. January, 2010

Earlier this week I went to see Pee Wee’s Playhouse Live (for a real treat check out Pee Wee’s Official Website) and while trekking through Downtown LA hunting for a place to eat, my friend Cece kept drilling me with “but what’s augmented reality?” For some reason I was incredibly incoherent (I blame the two Manhattans coursing through my veins) but then she pulled out her iPhone, opened her Yelp app, shook her phone vigorously and then looked at a live video feed through the phone that also showed tags for restaurants ahead of us.

I grabbed her shoulder and said, “Cece, that’s AR!”

She had that “ah-ha” moment. She got it. For me, I had that moment when I dug into this issues of Esquire magazine (For the record, I’m a subscriber).

Let me back up. I received this issue of Esquire but didn’t even bother to open it (November was a busy month) until I heard this piece from On The Media (an awesome public radio show).

[audio:On The Media_Friday_112009.mp3]

I then whipped out my Esquire, downloaded the required software, engaged my webcam and BOOM, Robert Downey Jr was talking to me.

If you missed that issue, worry not. First, download this software. Next, download these AR pages and enjoy.  FYI, you’ll want to hear/see the joke both during the day and after midnight.

On a final note, by the time you read this I’ll be on the east coast for a quick trip to see some friends. Expect the next handful of posts to be chock-full of dude adventures from the big island of Manhattan and the swamp that is DC.

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