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Writing Log Week 27 – 10. July, 2017

Goddamn, I took down another deadline.

My Fiction Podcast pilot script and season outline — submitted to AFF.

In Miller’s Girl, there’s a teacher, there’s a young school girl, and there’s a misunderstanding that leads to something quite vicious.

Baby Driver was…

Shaun of the Dead is still my favorite Edgar Wright movie. As for Men in Black, it really holds up… except for that Will Smith closing credits song.

Time to switch to my pilot.

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Scott Pilgrim vs. Scott Pilgrim – 29. July, 2010

Sorry I haven’t written more this week but right now I have a night gig, in addition to my day gig, where I’m supposed to install a server, set up network storage and allow any user to authenticate from any machine but I’ve run into a hitch: users can’t login.

Oh yeah, also, I’ve never done this before and I know nothing about network administration.

(How I ended up with this gig is for another post.)

Therefore I’m quickly steering ya towards something that caught my eye. Have you ever heard of Scott Pilgrim? It’s a comic series I’ve been aware of but know nothing about (my theme of the week).

They’re making a movie and it looks, well…

It’s Edgar Wright directing so it has a ton of potential but that trailer… but maybe I’m wrong. My buddy Pat used to always say, “terrible trailer = great movie.”

What looks more interesting to me is this:

Now that looks fun.

Okay, enough writing. Back to the salt mines.

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