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Two Lists of Shows to Spec?! – 9. March, 2017

It’s beginning to look a lot like fellowship season. Time to pick a show to spec from the WB list of approved shows…


Below I’ve listed the approved shows and indicated if they’re on the Warner Bros list (#WB) and/or the NBC/Universal Writers on the Verge list (#WotV).

2 Broke Girls #WB #WotV
American Dad #WB #WotV
Angie Tribeca #WB #WotV
Atlanta #WotV
Archer #WB #WotV
Better Things #WB #WotV – The buzz around the writing circles suggest this will be a popular show to spec.

Blackish #WB #WotV
Bob’s Burgers #WB #WotV
BoJack Horseman #WotV
Broad City #WB #WotV
Brooklyn Nine-Nine #WB #WotV
Casual #WB #WotV
Catastrophe #WB #WotV
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend #WotV
Difficult People #WB #WotV
Episodes #WB #WotV
Faking It #WB #WotV
Family Guy #WB #WotV
Fresh Off The Boat #WB #WotV
Girls #WotV
Grace & Frankie #WotV
House Of Lies #WB #WotV
Insecure #WotV
It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia #WB #WotV
Last Man On Earth #WB #WotV – If I were to spec a half-hour, it’d be this show.

Life In Pieces #WB #WotV
Master Of None #WB #WotV – My second choice if I were to spec a comedy.

Modern Family #WB #WotV
Mom #WB #WotV
Mozart In The Jungle #WB #WotV
New Girl #WB #WotV
Search Party #WotV
Silicon Valley #WB #WotV
South Park #WB #WotV
Superstore #WB #WotV
The Big Bang Theory #WB #WotV
The Carmichael Show #WB #WotV
The Goldbergs #WB #WotV
The Good Place #WotV
The Mick #WotV
The Middle #WB #WotV
The Mindy Project #WB #WotV
The Real O’Neal #WotV
Transparent #WB #WotV
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt #WB #WotV
Unreal #WB – So far this is the only show to split categories. Warners considers it a comedy…

Veep #WB #WotV
Workaholics #WB #WotV
You’re The Worst #WB #WotV

Agents Of SHIELD #WB #WotV
American Crime #WotV
American Horror Story #WotV
Animal Kingdom #WB #WotV
Arrow #WB #WotV
Ash Vs. Evil Dead #WB #WotV – All you hardcore horror folk, you’re out of excuses.

Bates Motel #WB #WotV
Better Call Saul #WB #WotV – I bet this will be the most popular show to spec.

Big Little Lies #WotV
Billions #WB #WotV
Black Mirror #WotV
Blindspot #WB #WotV – I’m taking this show to the dance.

Bloodline #WB #WotV
Blue Bloods #WB #WotV
Bones #WB #WotV
Bosch #WB #WotV
Castle #WB #WotV
Chicago Fire #WB #WotV
Chicago Medical #WB #WotV
Chicago PD #WB #WotV
Code Black #WB #WotV
Criminal Minds #WB #WotV
Daredevil #WB #WotV – My runner up show to spec.

Elementary #WB #WotV
Empire #WB #WotV
Fear The Walking Dead #WB #WotV
Game of Thrones #WotV
Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce #WotV
Gotham #WB #WotV
Greenleaf #WB #WotV – Allow me to admit that I’d never heard of this show until I saw it on the lists.

Grey’s Anatomy #WB #WotV
Halt And Catch Fire #WB #WotV
Happy Valley #WotV
Homeland #WB #WotV
House Of Cards #WB #WotV
How To Get Away With Murder #WB #WotV
Humans #WB #WotV
iZombie #WB #WotV
Jane The Virgin #WB #WotV
Jessica Jones #WB #WotV
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit #WB #WotV
Legends Of Tomorrow #WB #WotV
Lucifer #WB #WotV
Luke Cage #WotV
Madam Secretary #WB #WotV
Major Crimes #WB #WotV
Man in the High Castle #WotV
Mars #WotV
Masters Of Sex #WB #WotV
Mr. Robot #WB #WotV
Narcos #WB #WotV
NCIS: Los Angeles #WB #WotV
Once Upon A Time #WB #WotV
Orange Is The New Black #WB #WotV
Orphan Black #WB #WotV
Peaky Blinders #WB #WotV
Quantico #WB #WotV
Queen Sugar #WB #WotV
Ray Donovan #WB #WotV
Rosewood #WB #WotV
Scandal #WB #WotV
Scorpion #WB #WotV
Scream Queens #WB #WotV
Shades of Blue #WotV
Shameless #WotV
Sherlock #WB #WotV
Stranger Things #WB #WotV – Do we think everyone will spec this?

Suits #WB #WotV
Supergirl #WB #WotV
The 100 #WB #WotV
The Affair #WB #WotV
The Americans #WB #WotV
The Blacklist #WB #WotV
The Catch #WB #WotV
The Crown #WotV
The Exorcist #WotV
The Fall #WB #WotV
The Flash #WB #WotV
The Fosters #WotV
The Knick #WotV
The Leftovers #WB #WotV
The Night Of #WotV
The Night Shift #WB #WotV
The OA #WotV
The Originals #WB #WotV
The Path #WB #WotV
The Vampire Diaries #WB #WotV
The Walking Dead #WB #WotV
The Young Pope #WotV
This is Us #WotV
Timeless #WotV
Underground #WotV
Unreal #WotV – …but NBC thinks this is a drama. I guess if you’re one of those ride-the-fence “dramedy” writers, apply to both and let the studios put you in a box.

Wayward Pines #WB #WotV
Westworld #WotV

Holy, that’s a lot of shows. Kinda makes your head boil over with possibilities, right? Well, no time for that cause we all gotta get writing!

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2016 Austin Film Festival One Hour Spec Competition – 29. September, 2016

Another year, another complete whiff with my iZombie spec.


Still, I don’t want to be that sourpuss that gripes. I want to be that sourpuss that gives you an awesome infographic about the drama specs that made the second round or better at this year’s Austin Film Festival.



TV Drama Specs 2016
Create your own infographics

So what can we glean from this beautifully presented info?

-The popularity of Daredevil and iZombie prove that comic books rule the small screen.

-Writers love to spec CW and Showtime series the most, Netflix and AMC the second most, NBC and FX third most. Also, there’s at least one talented writer watching Audience and El Rey, respectively.

-Folk are busting out the 2nd season shows.

Congrats to everyone that placed.

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What Should I Spec for 2017 – 9. June, 2016

Despite the fact that I still have 2 more submissions left for my iZombie spec, I find myself thinking about what I’d spec for next year’s fellowships. Let’s take an insane stroll down that possibility.

Daredevil – According to this AFF tweet, DD was the 5th most scripted spec. A Catholic avenger is certainly in my wheelhouse, so this is a strong contender.


Jessica Jones – I loved this series even more than DD but that might be my downfall. I might be too much of a fan. Plus how do you top Kilgrave as a villain?


The Flash – Absolutely up my alley but it would also be the 3rd CW show in a row (my last two specs were iZombie and The 100).


Better Call Saul – I was lukewarm about the first season, have just started the second. It was also the 4th most scripted spec for AFF. I’m fifty-fifty on this one.


Blindspot – This would be the broadest, most mainstream show I’ve scripted since ever.


Mr Robot – Am going to watch it this summer — I know, I’m the last person on the planet to watch this — but everyone tells me that I’ll love it.


The Affair – Haven’t watched this show but certainly checks the “prestige” box.


If I had to shortlist the above, I think it’d be

1, Daredevil
2, Blindspot
3, Better Call Saul

With Mr Robot and The Affair as wildcards (since I have yet to watch either). Got an opinion? Tell me what you think.

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Consumed March 2016 – 31. March, 2016

As we bid “adios” to the moody month of March, I look back at all that I’ve consumed and realize that I need to hunker down and nail these goddamn scripts for fellowship season.

The time for naps is over!


Let’s get cracking’!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
The X-Files – What the hell was going on with those last two episodes? Joel McHale, why?


The 100
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Bob’s Burgers
The Flash
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Everyone finally kissed. Now things can get weird.


The Last Man on Earth
Daredevil – Only two episodes in and so far it’s better than last season.


Changing Light by Mirah – This will be the year of the goat.

Through The Looking Glass by Siouxsie & The Banshees – Trust that all you need is this song.

Strangers by RAC / Katie Herzig – In love with this song.

Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff – Taking my time with this one.
This Census-Taker by China Mieville – A slight, forgettable book.


This Dark Road to Mercy by Wiley Cash – The best yarn I’ve read in a long time. Big props to the lovely woman that suggested this book to me.


Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Five
DC Comics: Bombshells
GI Joe: Cobra 2 – Why aren’t they making the Chuckles story into a Netflix series?


Star Wars
The PunisherGreg Rucka’s run kicks ass. Only thing I don’t like is seeing Morgan Freeman in this comic.


Video Games
Fallout 4 – I’ve limited myself to the workshop and helping my settlements when distressed. Otherwise, this game is boxed until June.


Black Ops 3 – But I did start playing this. Limiting myself to the Safe House until June.


Comic Conventions

I attended WonderCon and picked up a few goodies, like Faith #1 signed by Jody Houser.


The Man With No Name print by Claus (he did the end credits animation for Deadpool).


The Tinkers of the Wasteland Mutated Edition by Raul Trevino.


A couple of small prints by Raul Trevino.


A large print by Raul Trevino… yeah, I dig his art and really want to work with him in the future.


This Rick & Morty #11 comic signed by Pamela Ribon.


Check out the inside cover…


Specifically what Pamela wrote me…


Look closely at the parenthetical…


You do know the “Pamela Ribon / B.A. Baracus story,” right? Good. Then this update is DONE! Back to writing.

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Spec This TV Show – 4. February, 2016

Planning on applying to the upcoming television fellowships? Then you’ve been eagerly anticipating the WB Writers Workshop approved spec list. It’s the most restrictive among all the fellowships, which includes CBS, NBC/Universal, and ABC/Disney. You want the show you spec to be on this list (unless you want to write multiple specs). So, without further ado, here are the approved shows to spec for the 2016 WB Writers Workshop…

…but first my two cents. From all of my unscientific research into the specs that make the cut at the Austin Film Festival, in both the half-hour and one-hour categories, I would recommend choosing a show in its second through fourth season. Why? I don’t know why specs from shows in their 2nd through 4th season do better than first season shows and shows into their fifth season and beyond. I just know that my graphs tell me so, and who doesn’t love a good graph about one-hour dramas?


TV Drama Specs 2015
Create your own infographics

And here’s something for all you half-hour writers.

TV Sitcom Specs 2015
Create your own infographics

BTW, I’m no Nate Silver, so take my graphs with a grain of salt. In the list below, I’ll bold shows in their second through fourth season for your reading ease.

Also, you really should check out the A TV Calling blog for another opinion on what would make a smart spec.

Now, without further ado, for real this time, that list…

2 Broke Girls – 5th season airing.
American Dad – 11th season airing.
Archer – 7th season premieres soon.
Blackish – 2nd season airing.
Bob’s Burgers – 6th season airing.
Broad City – 3rd season premieres soon. I predict this will be a popular show to spec.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine – 3rd season airing. Is it me or did everyone spec this last year?


Faking It – 2nd season just wrapped.
Family Guy – 14th season airing.
Fresh Off the Boat – 2nd season airing.
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – 11th season airing.
Last Man on Earth – 2nd season airing. If I were to spec a half-hour, this would be my first choice.


Louie – 5th season wrapped summer 2015.
Modern Family – 7th season airing.
Mom – 3rd season airing.
New Girl – 5th season airing.
Silicon Valley – 3rd season premieres soon. I suspect many people will spec this show.


South Park – 19th season just wrapped.
The Big Bang Theory – 9th season airing.
The Goldbergs – 3rd season airing.
The Middle – 7th season airing.
The Mindy Project – 4th season airing.
Togetherness – 2nd season premieres soon.
Unreal – 1st season just wrapped.
Veep – 5th season premieres soon.
Workaholics – 6th season airing.
You’re the Worst – 2nd season just wrapped. My second choice, if I were a half-hour writer.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – 3rd season airing.
Arrow – 4th season airing.
Bates Motel – 4th season starts soon.
Better Call Saul – 2nd season starts soon.
Black Mirror – Xmas special aired in 2014 (?!), 3rd season ordered but no air date set.
Blindspot – 1st season airing. Guessing that everyone that wrote a Blacklist last year will spec Blindspot this year.


Blue Bloods – 6th season airing.
Bones – 11th season airing.
Castle – 8th season airing.
Chicago Fire – 4th season airing.
Chicago Medical – 1st season airing.
Chicago PD – 3rd season airing.
Criminal Minds – 11th season airing.
CSI – Series ended 2015.
Daredevil – 2nd season airing soon. I’d been breaking an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with The Punisher but Netflix beat me to the punch (my spec would have been awesome).


Elementary – 4th season airing.


Empire – 2nd season airing.
Fear the Walking Dead – 2nd season premieres soon.
Gotham – 2nd season airing.
Grey’s Anatomy – 12th season airing
Grimm – 5th season airing.
Halt & Catch Fire – Renewed for a 3rd season.
Homeland – Renewed for a 6th season.
House of Cards – 4th season premieres soon.
House of Lies – 5th season premieres soon.
How to Get Away with Murder – 2nd season airing.
iZombie – 2nd season airing.
Jane the Virgin – 2nd season airing.
Law & Order: SVU – 17th season airing.
Major Crimes – 4th season premieres soon.
Master of None – 1st season wrapped. Why is this Netlfix half-hour under the drama category?
Masters of Sex – 3rd season wrapped.
Mr. Robot – 2nd season ordered. All the cool kids will spec this show.


NCIS: Los Angeles – 7th season airing.
Once Upon a Time – 5th season airing.
Orange is the New Black – 4th season premieres this summer.
Orphan Black – 4th season premieres this year.
Pretty Little Liars – 6th season airing.
Ray Donovan – 3rd season just wrapped.


Scandal – 5th season airing.
Sherlock – 4th season airing in 2017 (SERIOUSLY!?!).
Sleepy Hollow – 3rd season airing.
Suits – 5th season airing.
Teen Wolf – 5th season airing.
The 100 – 3rd season airing.
The Affair – 2nd season just wrapped.
The Americans – 4th season premieres soon.


The Blacklist – 3rd season airing.


The Flash – 2nd season airing.
The Good Wife – 7th season airing.
The Originals – 3rd season airing.
The Vampire Diaries – 7th season airing.
The Walking Dead – 6th season airing.
Transparent – 2nd season just wrapped.
Turn – 3rd season premieres soon.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – 2nd season premieres soon. Wait a second, another Netflix comedy corralled with the dramas? This has got to be a mistake.

So, what do you plan to spec? Me, I’m going to with an iZombie. Wish me luck.

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Consumed July 2015 – 31. July, 2015

July was a swirling blur of Comic-Con, getting a nerd cold and preparing for a merger at the day job (ugh). That said, I did feel like I finally had a moment to take a deep breath and actually enjoy what I consumed (and I actually liked a lot of it).


House of Cards – This was the season of Claire. All hail Claire.


Orphan Black – I found this to be an unspectacular season, as I find most third seasons to be. It’s a theory I’m working on. More in another post.


Hannibal – The first half of this season (another show in its third season) could have been summed up in a slow-motion drop of blood set to a distorted ambient soundtrack. Honestly, next to zero story happened but the best is yet to come, right?


Daredevil – This is a good show. Maybe next season it will be great.


Turn – I kinda love this show.


Spy – Good, not great, but I better understand why everyone loves Melissa
(I want to pitch that show… wait, I think I just did).


Beat The Champ by The Mountain Goats – An alt-folk album about professional wrestling? Yes, please. I guarantee that this is the sweetest song about professional wrestling you can listen to right now.

Signs Preceding the End of the World by Yuri Herrera – I read so much into this because I wasn’t getting much from it (hey, ya can’t love everything).


My Education by Susan Choi – I’m actually half-way through. I’ll finish it soon!

Batman: Arkham Knight
Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman
Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Four
Meteor Men
Secret AvengersWarren Ellis writes a hell of an action sequence.


Doc Unknown
Fighting Stranger
Flash Gordon – Had I known this series would be this much fun, I would have started it earlier. BTW, Jordie Bellaire rocks the coloring.


High Crimes – The end of a good series (one I wish I had come up with).


Suicide Risk
Batman: The Black Mirror – One of Snyder’s earlier works. Pretty great.


Borderlands 2 – This game is my soulmate. I cannot stop playing. It’s my favorite game.

And so concludes a very muggy July in Los Angeles. On to the hell-hound that is August!

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Consumed April 2015 – 30. April, 2015

It’s been a heck of a month. Just as I typed “the end” on my pilot, I turned around and started a new feature script. And now I’m prepping a pitch for Oni Press? How the heck did I find time to consume any media?

The Blacklist
iZombie – I freaking loved Veronica Mars. This… it’s good and getting better but I hate that they changed the main character’s name to “Liv Moore”. Really?

Bob’s Burgers
Modern Family
Broad City
The Walking Dead
Daredevil – I’ve only seen the first episode but from the themes and deliberate pacing I know this might be the kind of show I could easily mainline.

Agents of SHIELD
The Flash

Get in Trouble by Kelly Link – I don’t know if this is speculative fiction or magical realism or sci-fi or fantasy (to me, this is like the “comic book vs. graphic novel” debate) but I loved these stories. I’d love to turn one or two of them into a short film.


The Replacements – My one concert this month and they were f**king awesome. Enjoy this online mixtape.

Jimi Hendrix – That feature script I mentioned earlier, every time I imagine the hero’s introduction I hear this track.

Batman: Arkham Knight – I grew up a Marvel kid but these DC digital titles are winning me over. Heck, let me declare this new career goal right here and now: I want to author one of these series for DC. PS, this comic book also makes me more excited for the game.


East of West – Every time I start a new Jonathan Hickman series I’m sure I won’t get sucked in but here I am again beseeching you to read this sci-fi western.


Zero – I get angry reading this title because I wish I had written it. Also, the Tradd Moore art in this issue is unreal.


Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft – Sweet Baby Jesus, this is one deliciously f**ked up book.


Far Cry 4 – I just opened up the north so I’m halfway through. As long as I don’t miss any writing deadline, it’s cool, right?


See ya next month.

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One Cop & Two Lawyer Shows That Better Kick Ass – 5. February, 2015

Allow me to stop being a writer for a moment and just be a fan. Television f**king rocks. This week alone I’m excited to catch up on The 100


… and Agent Carter


… and Broad City


… and The Americans


… and Gotham


… and Arrow


… and The Flash


… and Archer.


And then there are all the shows I haven’t even started yet like Justified, Togetherness and 12 Monkeys.


But right now I want to highlight three up coming genre busting shows. First, the cop show.


Yeah, it’s a cop show about superheroes but I’ve been following the comic since its inception. Hell, at one point it was one of the only comics I was reading after I got “too old for comics.”

Man, I’ve been waiting for this show since they shot their first pilot with Jason Patric and Lucy Punch.

And now, the first of two lawyer shows.


You did know that the Daredevil’s alter ego is attorney at law Matt Murdock, right? Okay, yes, I know we still hold the Ben Affleck movie against Marvel (heck, even Ben regrets it), and so far Marvel doesn’t have a great television track record, but the comic book nerd in me is holding out hope.

And finally, that other lawyer show.


Honestly, I’m so fucking nervous that this will suck so I’m doing everything I can to lower my expectations.

… but the early reviews are positive.

So if I’m not answering my phone, now you know why.

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My Best of 2013 (It’s Late Because I Read 1,100 Comics) – 31. January, 2014

As I was writing, traveling and working throughout Christmas / the start of the new year, I’m very late to this conversation. After reading tons of lists about the best movies, books, games and comics (including one long, well written list), let me offer a few thoughts of my own.

Favorite MovieGravity


But honestly, I haven’t seen a lot of the must see movies. I haven’t seen 12 Years A Slave, Inside Llewyn Davis, The Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle, Her, Captain Phillips, Dallas Buyers Club, Nebraska, Blue Jasmin, Frozen, Saving Mr. Banks, All is Lost… basically I haven’t seen anything good.

Favorite AlbumModern Vampires of the City by Vampire Weekend


I wrote a few year-end posts about music so I’ll only briefly mention that I also loved Neko Case, Hey Ocean, Chvrches, Annie, NIN, Franz Ferdinand, Haim, Tegan & Sara, and The Talking Heads.

Favorite BookLife by Keith Richards


Honestly, it was way overrated but I think it was the only book I finished. I started more than a handful but… now I feel terrible about myself. Maybe that’s why I’ve started 3 books this year: American Gods, Sex, Drugs & Cocoa Puffs, and The Empty Chair.

Favorite ComicHawkeye (and I haven’t even read the “pizza dog” issue yet)


HOLY S**T, I read over 1,100 comics last year (that’s why I only finished one book in 2013). I still haven’t read Saga, Mind MGMT, or East of West, but I really enjoyed Avengers, Nightwing, Bandette, Batman Beyond 2.0, Animal Man (more appreciated than liked), Batman, The Bunker, Captain Marvel (really loved some of the art), Daredevil, Prophet (so weird but awesome) and then there were all the Top Cow comics I read for the Talent Hunt. Of them, I’d say I dug Artifacts and the Magdalena stories most.

Favorite GameThe Last of Us


Hands down the best game of the year. I played the Hell out of Borderlands 2 but nothing lingers like The Last of Us.

Favorite Television ShowBreaking Bad


But I also loved Nikita (and the hot spec I wrote for it), Sleepy Hollow, Arrow, The Americans, The Blacklist, Homeland, Game of Thrones and Orphan Black (which will hopefully be my next spec).

Favorite Home Away From Home – Austin

I was there twice this year, I know where I like to stay, I have favorite places to eat, drink, shop, get groceries.  Now, if only I could meet a lady Austin-ite…


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Getting Into Superhero Comics Nov 2013 – 18. November, 2013

After giving a friend notes on his 80s inspired sci-fi script (which is really good), he told me he wanted to adapt the first act into a comic book. “Brilliant! What comics are you reading?”

“I’m not.”

CLANG! (that was the sound of my jaw hitting the table)

After a short lecture, I pointed him towards the following writers/books:

Hawkeye by Matt Fraction



Immortal Iron Fist by Matt Fraction


Young Avengers by Kieron Gillen


Nightwing by Kyle Higgins


Batman Beyond 2.0 by Kyle Higgins


Wonder Woman by Brain Aazzarello



Runaways by Brian K Vaughan


Daredevil by Mark Waid


The Punisher by Greg Rucka



I know it’s a very narrow list but because my friend’s script relies on genre tropes from 80s science fiction films, I wanted to point him to recent superhero comics by some current writers. I wanted to avoid the titans (Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, and even Brian Michael Bendis) because their work is so idiosyncratic. I also wanted to avoid indie / non-superhero comics because I felt like my friend needed to feast on some of the most popular titles first; if he loved a particular writer, I know he’d jump down the indie comic hole without hesitation. Why not steer him towards 80s comics? I feel like his script is 80s inspired but not an homage or a parody, so a contemporary flavor helps make the whole package more attractive to a modern audience.

So, how wrong am I?

Also, if I pulled in the wrong art, many humble apologies in advance.

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