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SXSW 2013 Preflight – 12. March, 2013

Want to spot me @ SXSW today? Here are some clues. My Timbuk2 bags.


My Pumas.


And my Coverville shirt.


BTW, the new Long Beach Airport is fancy.

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SXSW 2010 Shirt 2 – 18. March, 2010

Representing an awesome podcast you’re not listening to…yet.

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Friday Fun: Coverville – 11. December, 2009

Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Pulp, NWA, Gloria Gaynor, Nirvana… what do they all have in common? Each has had a song covered and now retired to the Coverville Hall of Fame. Therefore, today we celebrate Coverville.

Happy Fun Friday!

Okay, I know most of are asking yourself, “Cover-what?” Allow me to explain. First, a bit of back story. I jumped on the podcasting bandwagon the second I got my first iPod. One of my first subscriptions was Coverville, a music podcast by Brian Ibbott that celebrates the art of the cover. When I started listening, it was well before the show hit triple digits; as of this writing they’ve just posted episode #633, the one referenced above.

I could go into a long explanation about the Coverville Countdown or the Coverville Hall of Fame but let me just say that episode #633 is wall-to-wall awesome and these songs might never be played on Coverville again. Want a preview? Here’s one track you’ll find in episode #633. Warning: this song is not safe for work.

[audio:Nina Gordon – Straight Out Of Compton.mp3]

If that doesn’t get you to subscribe, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Also, let me make a little pitch for Coverville. This is a free podcast, as in it doesn’t cost you anything. There’s only one or two commercials in the show and a list of sponsors at the end. Brian is a stand-up guy so he licenses all the music on his show and that’s a heavy financial burden. To ease that burden, he started the Coverville Citizenship program. Donate $40 and you’ll get a t-shirt, a DVD with the previous 100 episodes either as MP3 or AAC (which let’s you skip the commercials) and access to a bonus podcast.

Did I also mention that Brian put together a cover tribute to Spinal Tap? Did I also mention that it’s free, too?

So here’s your mission. First, subscribe to the podcast. Coverville is about to start their annual countdown so you’re guaranteed the cream of the crop. Second, download the Spinal Tap cover album. Third, if the first two things put a smile on your face do the right thing and become a Coverville Citizen. I’m a citizen and look at how happy Brian and I are…

GABF 2009 - 28
(we’re also at the GABF but that’s another story)

Have a great Friday!

(Oh-my-God, my fingers are so tired from embedding all those links!)

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Great American Beer Festival 2009 – 27. September, 2009

I spent this weekend in Denver for the Great American Beer Festival… let me back up.

Three years ago, I didn’t know a thing about beer. I was in Colorado to support a friend through a difficult situation when I received a phone call asking if I wanted to help out on a documentary called BEER WARS.

Three years later the film is done, it’s out (go pick up a DVD) and I’m at the GABF celebrating my newly developed love for craft beers.

GABF 2009 - 11

The first night at the GABF I was hanging with my long time friend Bella and her husband Eric.

GABF 2009 - 10
(this is their “before GABF” picture)

At the fest, I caught up with the director of BEER WARS and some of its subjects.

GABF 2009 - 13
(That’s the director Anat Baron and Dogfish Head owner Sam Calagione)

We tried a lot of beers, not all of them… how shall I say… “suited out palate”

GABF 2009 - 12

Let it be known, beer geeks take their brews seriously (but with a good sense of humor).

GABF 2009 - 29

After the first night, we headed into downtown Denver for a night cap.

GABF 2009 - 14
(this is their “after GABF” picture)

We kicked the night into overdrive and met up with Bella’s cousin Megan.

GABF 2009 - 17

In order to protect the innocent, I won’t publish the gory details but in the tradition of “a thousand words….”, how about I show you this:

GABF 2009 - 24
(this is the “morning after GABF” picture)

Big thanks to Megan and Kate for the hospitality and kindness.

The second night Bella and I returned and we made sure to drink plenty of water.

GABF 2009 - 25

I also meet podcast legend Brian Ibbott.

GABF 2009 - 28

If you aren’t listening to Coverville, what’s your excuse? Waiting for me to do a post dedicated to the show? That’s in the works.

I drank many great beers by phenomenal breweries such as Sam Adams, Tommyknockers, New Belgium Brewery, Stone Brewing and so many more I can’t remember them all but I will say that Dogfish Head is one of my all time favorites. I’d drink every beer they make at least twice. Heck, I even bought a friend three cases as a wedding gift.

The weekend wasn’t all beer. My friends and their two kids were kind enough to drive me around and show me some sights.

GABF 2009 - 08

GABF 2009 - 30

GABF 2009 - 03

GABF 2009 - 06

GABF 2009 - 31

And so I say adios to Denver. Next stop, VEGAS BABY!

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The Kills @ Music Box – 29. May, 2009

If you’ve ever met me and we’ve talked about music for more than ten minutes, you know that I’m nuts about The Kills.

I caught them just the other week at The Music Box in Hollywood. Two bands opened: Magic Wands (uh) and The Horrors (a lot better live than on their album, IMHO).

How were The Kills? F**king awesome! I loved the three covers they played: “Crazy” by Patsy Cline, “I Put A Spell On You” originally by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and the darkest, goth-est version of “Baby Please Don’t Go” first made popular by Them featuring Van Morrison.

Speaking of that “Crazy” cover, want to hear it for free? Want to hear me request it? Then check out this episode of Coverville.

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Not My Only Blog – 16. March, 2007

While this blog is about film, I blog about music on MySpace. Currently, you’ll find a link to Coverville where you can hear me request an awesome song on episode 302.

Listen, you’ll like the song and you’ll like Coverville.

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