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Consumed September 2016 – 30. September, 2016

September, you sucked giant donkey d**ks.


Yet somehow I was able to consume a metric ton of entertainment (probably because my computer died). This is what I shoved into my media gullet.

Rick & Morty – Season two was pretty good but couldn’t compare to season one. It’s near impossible to top the scenes that used DMX and Mazzy Star. Those moments made that season and won me over.


Casual – The further one gets from the pilot, the better the show gets… except for that season one closer. They ran over a huge, emotional decision and I’m not sure if I’ll jump back in for season two.


Doctor Who – [SPOILER WARNING] – I felt nothing when Clara died. Bring back Rose.




The IT Crowd – Caught the final episode. It was a nice bookend but I would have been happy without it.


Gotham – So I got to that part where the Original Poison Ivy jumps into the sewer and Busty, F**kable Poison Ivy emerges. I turned off the TV. Not sure I can go back to the series. Maybe if they squeeze her into a Power Girl suit.


Lucifer РLooking forward to more fun with these devils.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine – If they don’t get Jake and the Captain back to Brooklyn, I fear they have jumped the shark.


Flaked – Curious about white privilege? Catch some of this show.


The Jim Gaffigan Show – Lord help me but I’d go back to being Catholic for Ashley Williams’ smile.


Continuum – Am I going to finish the series because I once had a massive crush on Rachel Nichols?


Son of Zorn – Two episodes in and it’s fun. Favorite bit is each episode’s title card.


The Good Place – Heaven help me but I lurv Kristen Bell.


Bob’s Burgers

Justified – Approaching the end of season two and lordy this show is awesome.


Designated Survivor – Cool concept but I don’t know if I’ll stick around for the whole season.


The Hateful Eight – So it’s a Western Reservoir Dogs? Okay, not bad.


Creed – Exactly what I expected, exactly what I wanted. Bravo.


Amy – Did she always have a camera on her? Is this how it’s going to be for everyone going forward?


Hell or High Water – Maybe the best American film (about America) of the year.


La La Land – Yeah, I saw it. I can’t tell you about it but I saw it.


Reamde by Neal Stephenson – I now understand why someone told me this was “like 14 Die Hards” rolled into one book. Holy s**t, this was AWESOME!


Commonwealth by Ann Patchett – Maybe the best book I’ve read this year (but probably my second favorite).


NOS4A2 by Joe Hill – If you loved Locke & Key (and I did), then you’ll love this book.


Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff – savoring every word.

Midnight, Texas – Still reading my way through the pilot script.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Five
DC Comic’s Bombshells

Video Games
Doom – My mission: to brutally murder all monsters. Where do I sign up?


Here’s hoping October sucks less.


Over and out.

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Spec This TV Show – 4. February, 2016

Planning on applying to the upcoming television fellowships? Then you’ve been eagerly anticipating the WB Writers Workshop approved spec list. It’s the most restrictive among all the fellowships, which includes CBS, NBC/Universal, and ABC/Disney. You want the show you spec to be on this list (unless you want to write multiple specs). So, without further ado, here are the approved shows to spec for the 2016 WB Writers Workshop…

…but first my two cents. From all of my unscientific research into the specs that make the cut at the Austin Film Festival, in both the half-hour and one-hour categories, I would recommend choosing a show in its second through fourth season. Why? I don’t know why specs from shows in their 2nd through 4th season do better than first season shows and shows into their fifth season and beyond. I just know that my graphs tell me so, and who doesn’t love a good graph about one-hour dramas?


TV Drama Specs 2015
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And here’s something for all you half-hour writers.

TV Sitcom Specs 2015
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BTW, I’m no Nate Silver, so take my graphs with a grain of salt. In the list below, I’ll bold shows in their second through fourth season for your reading ease.

Also, you really should check out the A TV Calling blog for another opinion on what would make a smart spec.

Now, without further ado, for real this time, that list…

2 Broke Girls – 5th season airing.
American Dad – 11th season airing.
Archer – 7th season premieres soon.
Blackish – 2nd season airing.
Bob’s Burgers – 6th season airing.
Broad City – 3rd season premieres soon. I predict this will be a popular show to spec.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine – 3rd season airing. Is it me or did everyone spec this last year?


Faking It – 2nd season just wrapped.
Family Guy – 14th season airing.
Fresh Off the Boat – 2nd season airing.
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – 11th season airing.
Last Man on Earth – 2nd season airing. If I were to spec a half-hour, this would be my first choice.


Louie – 5th season wrapped summer 2015.
Modern Family – 7th season airing.
Mom – 3rd season airing.
New Girl – 5th season airing.
Silicon Valley – 3rd season premieres soon. I suspect many people will spec this show.


South Park – 19th season just wrapped.
The Big Bang Theory – 9th season airing.
The Goldbergs – 3rd season airing.
The Middle – 7th season airing.
The Mindy Project – 4th season airing.
Togetherness – 2nd season premieres soon.
Unreal – 1st season just wrapped.
Veep – 5th season premieres soon.
Workaholics – 6th season airing.
You’re the Worst – 2nd season just wrapped. My second choice, if I were a half-hour writer.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – 3rd season airing.
Arrow – 4th season airing.
Bates Motel – 4th season starts soon.
Better Call Saul – 2nd season starts soon.
Black Mirror – Xmas special aired in 2014 (?!), 3rd season ordered but no air date set.
Blindspot – 1st season airing. Guessing that everyone that wrote a Blacklist last year will spec Blindspot this year.


Blue Bloods – 6th season airing.
Bones – 11th season airing.
Castle – 8th season airing.
Chicago Fire – 4th season airing.
Chicago Medical – 1st season airing.
Chicago PD – 3rd season airing.
Criminal Minds – 11th season airing.
CSI – Series ended 2015.
Daredevil – 2nd season airing soon. I’d been breaking an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with The Punisher but Netflix beat me to the punch (my spec would have been awesome).


Elementary – 4th season airing.


Empire – 2nd season airing.
Fear the Walking Dead – 2nd season premieres soon.
Gotham – 2nd season airing.
Grey’s Anatomy – 12th season airing
Grimm – 5th season airing.
Halt & Catch Fire – Renewed for a 3rd season.
Homeland – Renewed for a 6th season.
House of Cards – 4th season premieres soon.
House of Lies – 5th season premieres soon.
How to Get Away with Murder – 2nd season airing.
iZombie – 2nd season airing.
Jane the Virgin – 2nd season airing.
Law & Order: SVU – 17th season airing.
Major Crimes – 4th season premieres soon.
Master of None – 1st season wrapped. Why is this Netlfix half-hour under the drama category?
Masters of Sex – 3rd season wrapped.
Mr. Robot – 2nd season ordered. All the cool kids will spec this show.


NCIS: Los Angeles – 7th season airing.
Once Upon a Time – 5th season airing.
Orange is the New Black – 4th season premieres this summer.
Orphan Black – 4th season premieres this year.
Pretty Little Liars – 6th season airing.
Ray Donovan – 3rd season just wrapped.


Scandal – 5th season airing.
Sherlock – 4th season airing in 2017 (SERIOUSLY!?!).
Sleepy Hollow – 3rd season airing.
Suits – 5th season airing.
Teen Wolf – 5th season airing.
The 100 – 3rd season airing.
The Affair – 2nd season just wrapped.
The Americans – 4th season premieres soon.


The Blacklist – 3rd season airing.


The Flash – 2nd season airing.
The Good Wife – 7th season airing.
The Originals – 3rd season airing.
The Vampire Diaries – 7th season airing.
The Walking Dead – 6th season airing.
Transparent – 2nd season just wrapped.
Turn – 3rd season premieres soon.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – 2nd season premieres soon. Wait a second, another Netflix comedy corralled with the dramas? This has got to be a mistake.

So, what do you plan to spec? Me, I’m going to with an iZombie. Wish me luck.

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Fall 2013 TV – Proudly Watching What’s Popular – 23. November, 2013

After roughly a month of binge-watching as many of the new fall TV shows as possible, I think I’ve found the ones I’ll be sticking with. It’s not a bold list, actually it’s all the hit shows of the season, but these are potential shows for me to spec early next year.

Sleep Hollow

Sleepy Hollow

Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD v2

The Blacklist


I have yet to check out Almost Human, which seems like the kind of show I might spec.

Almost Human

I’m also watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I don’t spec comedy but if I did, it’d be this show.


Is there something I’m missing?

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