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So You’re An Editor? – 4. August, 2010

Oh so very funny. And then I cried. And then I looked for an Avid class.  Check it out.

But seriously, we don’t need the FCP bashing. And everyone wants you to find their know-it-all nephew a job. Yeah, I got a job for him. I’ll turn his @$$ out on Santa Monica Blvd. F**k your nephew.

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8-Bit Apocalypse – 8. April, 2010

This is so unbelievably cool I…

Uploaded by onemoreprod. – Discover more animation and arts videos.


(That’s the kind of thing that makes me wish I were an animator. Maybe I should start dating one again. Ellen, you still single?)

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I Am Amazon – 4. September, 2009

And for those that are curious, here is my Amazon spec.

Allow me an indulgence as I send a big shout-out to Dan Billet, Karina Bustillos, Curtiss Frisle and Michael Perkins for lending their voice talent; an extra shout goes to Dan for also acting in the film.  I’d also like to thank Laura Emanuele for all her behind-the-scenes help.

If you’re curious, I posted a debrief where I get into the technical nitty gritty. Also, be sure to leave a comment.

Speaking of Animation – 4. August, 2009

Since I’ve been submersed in animation lately, I thought I’d share this clip.

I’m trying Steven, I really am.

PS, thanks to Stu Maschwitz for turning me on to this clip.

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Amazon Commercial Contest – 14. July, 2009

Pardon me for a second…


…okay, where was I? Oh, right, everyone’s favorite web retailer, you know, these guys:


They’re holding a create-your-own-commercial contest and the deadline was just extended to July 31.

And I happen to have an idea that I’m excited about and I’m gonna hate myself if I don’t give it a shot even though that only gives me 17 days and I’m out of town for 4 of those days and if that weren’t hard enough most of my idea involves animation and…


I want to do this. First things first, I need to pound out a script and storyboards tonight.

BTW, expect a call from me in the near future begging for your help.

Up – 17. June, 2009

Goddamn it, Pixar does it again.


This film is just awesome. Somehow you get a trippy animated adventure film that also manages to examine the darkness that festers in men’s hearts, hearts congested with loneliness, anger and obsession.

And yes, it is 3-D but the film employs none of the typical 3-D gags. Honestly, I can’t believe the number of people I’ve heard complain about this. I think this is what 3-D will be like when (if) most films adopt the technology. Like sound, color and Cinemascope, the medium will find subtle ways to blend this technology into the storytelling.

Oh, and how I adored that opening montage. Damn, Pixar really knows how to do silent film right.

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Monsters vs. Aliens – 6. May, 2009

Monsters! Aliens! Robots! Giant Blondes! San Francisco Destroyed! All in glorious digital 3-D!


A fun flick but you’ll still wish Pixar had made it (sorry Dreamworks).

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Coraline – 14. March, 2009

First, I’m a tough critic that hardest on works so close to excellence that they can brush the fringes of cinematic immortality. Those are the films that frustrate me the most. And so we have CORALINE.


This film could have easily (SOOOOO easily) been better. When I say better I mean this could have been a film for the ages instead of a diverting trifle no one will remember a year from now. How could this film have been easily fixed? First and foremost, the pacing was WAY off. The film moves so slowly that neither child nor adult could stop themselves from fidgeting. You have to give us a story that moves along at a proper clip. Instead, the filmmakers gave us a script structured in episodes that didn’t build off each other. When the filmmakers should have been ratcheting up terror, suspense or marvel they hashed out lethargy.

Part of this comes from a navel gazing related to the animation. Yes, the animation is marvelous and the world a masterpiece of macabre design but we’re living in a time where photorealistic dinosaurs are a more than just a possibility, they’re all over our media. You can’t just give us pretty pictures.

Second, the voice acting was average at best and that’s a terrible thing to say about such an amazing cast. There was zero chemistry between the performers and the fact that they’re recording their parts in isolation booths makes no difference. Just look at the amazing chemistry on the long-in-the-tooth SIMPSONS.

What a pity for a film that finally made proper, scratch that, that finally made artful use of digital 3D technology. Here’s hoping someone else uses this flick as a stepping stone for something greater.

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WALL-E – 4. September, 2008


This film has a magic that’s rarely seen in the cinema today. The folks at Pixar know how to construct smart entertainment that taps into our childlike wonder. Goddamn, this is the kind of spell every filmmaker should be casting.

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#28 – Beowulf – 21. November, 2007

What was atrocious: the writing, the acting, the directing, the animation… pretty much everything. Imagine a cut scene from an average Play Station 3 game. Got it? Now what if you couldn’t play that game? Bummer.

What rocked: the 3-mothaf**king-D! If you are a person that enjoys mind altering substances, indulge in them and then see this in 3D. You will not be disappointed… except by the writing, acting, directing, animation… but hopefully you’ll be too high to care about that.

What’s even better: knowing that the James Cameron 3D movie will probably kick this to the curb with authority.

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