Writing Log Week 08 – February 27th, 2017

Who’s a good boy?

… okay, not him.

I’m referring to me!

So this Feature Thriller has leapt to the front of my queue because I’m having a blast writing it. For the record, I decided to break the story using the eight sequence method. Basically, you think of your script as having eight sequences, each 10 to 15 pages. Each sequence has a beginning, middle and a cliff-hanger ending. For this particular project it’s working for me (so far).

This week I read two pilots. The first was Killing Eve, a comic thriller from Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Name doesn’t ring a bell? She’s the creator/star of Fleabag.

The second was the new pilot from The 100 creator, Jason Rothenberg. It’s called Searchers and it seems pretty cool. Boom. Out.

As for my movies, I watched a disquieting double feature about marginalization and micro-aggressions. I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz about Get Out but I would beseech you to watch Elle.

Despite the excitement about about my feature, I really need to keep cracking on my Blindspot spec because I start a Script Anatomy class mid March.

Wish me luck with keeping pace this week because I’ll be at Emerald City Comicon! Who else is going?

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Writing Log Week 07 – February 20th, 2017

Who shot Mr. Burns?

We all know it was Maggie but it could have been me because I sure as hell wasn’t writing…


Did you see that? Right there in the middle…

HOLY S**T! I actually wrote a script page!

I know, you’re not impressed, but it’s big for me. So, you’re asking, what the hell is this project? It’s a Taken like thriller and so far it’s fun for me. Writing for fun? Crazy, right?!

As for the movies I watched, Lion is the kind of movie that used to win Harvey Weinstein Oscars. John Wick 2 is… it’s okay. Don’t believe the hype. It’s good but it’s no Hard Boiled.

Blonde Ambition was the highest rated script on this year’s Blcklst. It’s a fun, unauthorized biography about Madonna’s rise from obscurity to budding icon. It’s written in a clean, simple style, nowhere near as muscular or stylish as other Blcklst scripts I’ve read (and all the better for it).

Time to get back to writing. Therefore, I’ll leave you with a track that would absolutely be on that Blonde Ambition soundtrack.

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Writing Log Week 06 – February 13th, 2017

A terrible cold knocked me out this week, so I was like…

Which means my writing was like…

Did you see The LEGO Batman Movie this weekend? Wasn’t his opening song the best! My other movie of the week was Gareth Edwards‘ debut, Monsters. I salute his hard work — he wrote, directed, shot and did the effects for his feature — but my inner editor wanted to cut at least 10 minutes out of his 94-minute movie.

Hummingbird was on the most recent Blacklist and it’s a super-slick read. When a executive tells you that “the read needs to be sexier,” use this as a reference.

Ugh, time to take another DayQuil.

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Sorry You’re Sick by Ted Hawkins – February 11th, 2017

Thursday I woke up with a monster cold. That’s why I’m sharing this song with you. Enjoy “Sorry You’re Sick” by Ted Hawkins.

My only connection to this song is that I heard it from the album below and I loved it.

Time to write, then back to bed.

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Writing Log Week 05 – February 7th, 2017

That’s me.

This is why.

My excuse: it was a hell of a week.

But let’s talk about what I did do. I watched two great features this week. Sleepwalk with Me is the assured directorial debut of Mike Birbiglia. Man Up is an awesome romantic-comedy written by friend-of-the-Scriptnotes-Podcast Tess Morris. Both are on Netflix, each is under 90 minutes (YES!), and you should absolutely watch them ASAP.

I also read two pilots that I’m not supposed to say anything about: Life Sentence and Reverie. Still, I think it’s safe to say that both were excellently written.

Next week I promise to get more writing done.


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No Sensitive Man by Haley Bonar – February 3rd, 2017

Music is one of the most important things in my life yet somehow I’ve let it slip away from me. Why? The crap that makes my daily existence a living nightmare has pushed it out. Well, fuck that noise.

This is Haley Bonar.

I love her. I first saw her at SXSW. I then saw her again at SXSW. I’ve only ever seen her at SXSW. I don’t know if she ever plays outside of SXSW.

This is her performing solo acoustic in a single take. Yeah, she’s that bad ass. That’s why I love her.

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Consumed January 2017 – January 31st, 2017

I know 2017 feels like this…

But we have to stand our ground like…

Here’s what my eyeballs ate this month:

Supergirl – Gosh darn it, that Supergirl is totally winning!

The Flash
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
The Grinder – Before they dove into the deep end of serialization, this was damn fun.

The Knick – Probably the best show I watched this month. Might be the best thing I’ll see this year.

Son of Zorn
Lethal Weapon
The Good Place – That ending… damn fine job!

Bob’s Burgers
Maron – So, was it just me or did that last shot feel a little sophomoric and cliche?

Luther – I’m sorry but you can’t just get rid of Alice.

Sherlock – Um, that “flashback” episode was awful.

Veep – Just started this series. Hot damn, it’s great!

The Cabin in the Woods
The Shallows – Once you get past that first reel with the forced family backstory, this flick kicks into high gear.

Zootopia – Maybe the best animated noir movie ever made.

John Wick – Was expecting so much more.

Prisoners – Some troubling messaging here (would probably do much better if released today).

A Monster Calls
Postcards from the Edge – Goddamn great writing from Carrie Fisher

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – Hey, I liked (most of) these movies.

The Disaster Artist by Greg Sestero & Tom Bissell – It’s easy to laugh but at least he had the courage to release his movie.

In The Deep (The Shallows) – The script is better than the movie.
The Wall – Another great script. Can’t wait to see the movie.
Hotel Artemis – Can’t say much but it’s from the co-writer of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and Iron Man 3, so use that to gauge expectations.

20th Century Boys – I forgot that manga takes 20 volumes to tell a whole story.

DC Comics: Bombshells

Video Games
Star Wars Battlefront – A great way to continue those Rogue One feelings.

And that’s all for January. See ya next month.

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Writing Log Week 4 2017 – January 30th, 2017

For most of us, this week was like…

But we survived. We stood our ground. And I even kept pace with my writing.

I’ve moved on to the outline of my Blindspot spec, and have even started doing a little bit of work on my pilot (which is on deck for my next script).

I caught two radically different movies this week. One was Carrie Fisher’s grand oeuvre, Postcards from the Edge. As for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter… well, sometimes we all crave junk food.

The script I read was Hotel Artemis by Drew Pearce. It was on this year’s Blacklist, they just signed Jodie Foster, and it’s to be the writer’s directorial debut. Not bad for the guy that co-wrote Iron Man 3

and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

See ya next week.

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Writing Log Week 3 2017 – January 23rd, 2017

Guess who had a better writing week?

Check it!

Last week I completed a 2-page beat sheet for my Blindspot spec. This week I’m turning that into a 3-5 page outline.

I’ll also return to brainstorming my pilot this week.

As for the movies I watched, I found myself underwhelmed by both A Monster Calls and Prisoners (but for entirely different reasons). The direction for each was impressive but they didn’t hook me emotionally. Why? It’s entirely possible that I’m dead inside but I’m thinking that’s not it. I might flip through their respective scripts to solve that mystery.

Do you know about The Wall? It’s another Blacklist contained thriller that’s “contained” to an outdoor area (think of The Shallows) rather than a single interior (think Buried).  It’s a great read and soon to be a Doug Liman movie…

Gotta get back to writing. See ya next week.

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Writing Log Week 2 2017 – January 17th, 2017

Two weeks into 2017 and I’m already a sad failure.

Here’s my writing log for proof.

I didn’t write any pages, I didn’t read any scripts and I only worked on one project. Man, I blew it.

But I did see two interesting movies. Zootopia is a great noir staring fluffy animals. John Wick is a good action film, not great by any means, but good.

Hey, next week is a new chance to be awesome, right?

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