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Writing Log Week 19 – 15. May, 2017

I just submitted my Blindspot spec to the Austin Film Festival.

This will be me now…

… at least until I have to write the next thing.

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Writing Log Week 18 – 11. May, 2017

How is my writing going?

This week I stopped by Target to buy underwear. Then I went back to buy socks. Then back again for more underwear. Then again for more socks. Tonight I’m going back for yet more underwear. Why? My options are either that or this…

Why don’t I have time to hit the Laundromat?

Because I wrote 65 pages this week. 65 MOTHERF**KIN’ PAGES!

My script is (over) due for my Script Anatomy class this Friday. The AFF deadline is Monday. When your true work calls, you must answer.

But I did manage to squeeze in time for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2. At the movie, I saw trailers for both Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok, the one with the Led Zeppelin song that made everyone go, “gaga.” Yeah, it’s a nice use of the song, but did everyone forget how Fincher and Karen O crushed it with that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trailer?

Remember your history, cinephiles. Thor is a puny girly-man by comparison.


Time to rewrite.

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Writing Log Week 17 – 1. May, 2017

This week I focused on my Blindspot spec script. The finished script (60 pages) is due for my Script Anatomy class in 10 days. The final Austin deadline is in 15 days. WB Writers Workshop and NBC/Universal’s Writers on the Verge are both due in 31 days.

So I tore down my outline. I tore it “down to the studs” (stole that from Meg LeFauve) and then I built it back up. I put my butt in the writer’s seat, put my nose to the grind stone, and I did the work. It wasn’t pretty. Honestly, I probably looked like this…

But I did some honest work.

Now I just have to write 6-10 pages a day.


No sweat.


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Writing Log Week 16 – 24. April, 2017

Am I so f**king helpless?

I mean…

What the hell is wrong with me? I hate feeling worthless but somehow it loops back on me and I spiral and…

All I can do is just keep trying, right?

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Writing Log Week 15 – 24. April, 2017

So… I managed to watch a movie this week.

Yes, I know, I’m terrible and you should totally throw more goddamn tanks at me.

And Colossal… I mean… that trailer… they don’t tell ya that the movie ends up being a massively depressing drama. It’s not the fun, funny “ha ha” movie that it advertises to be. If you’re feeling blue, you’ll leave the movie feeling worse.

I did some work on my Blindspot outline but not enough (and the work was of subpar quality).


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Writing Log Week 14 – 12. April, 2017


My productivity…

Why? Tough week, my friend. It was a very tough week. I mean like…


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Writing Log Week 13 – 11. April, 2017

Lucky week 13, right?

Well, sorta. Not really.

I did work on my Blindspot spec, which is shaping up nicely (big thanks to my Script Anatomy class).

Why wasn’t I more productive? Because I still haven’t beaten Ghost Recon: Wildlands (stupid video game addiction).

Did you watch the new Ghost in the Shell movie? Yeah… let’s just leave that there. What about Trucker & Dale vs. Evil? It’s a fun premise… let’s move on to the scripts.

The Snowpiercer pilot is the most wonderful sort of insanity I’ve ever seen committed to the printed page. I cannot wait to watch the pilot. El Jefe is the Paul Attanasio CBS pilot and it’s a masterclass in deftly combining character with action. Goddamn, that guy can write!

That’s all for now. See y’all next week.

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Writing Log Week 12 – 27. March, 2017

What makes this week different from all the past weeks I’ve done this log? I didn’t watch any movies.

Check it.

Why? One, I started a Script Anatomy spec writing class and had to read everyone else’s homework. Two, my writing group met and everyone submitted, so I had A LOT of reading this week.

Also, I played the hell out of Ghost Recon: Wildlands because I have an addiction.

Still, I did read CATHERINE THE GREAT, the top Blacklist script from 2014. It’s pretty… great.

Oh, and obviously I worked on my spec.

Expect more from me next week.

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Writing Log Week 11 – 21. March, 2017

Just as I was getting over my second major illness of the year, I fell into an annual pit of despair. Then I got a new video game. And when I’m in the spiritual/emotional crapper, no escape is sweeter than a new video game.

So, obviously, my writing went to hell this week.

Well, yeah, it wasn’t a total loss. I read 2 pilots. Doomsday is an exciting new idea from long time Justified writer VJ Boyd. Messiah is, well, I don’t know if I can say anything about it. Sorry.

I only just saw the animated Ghost in the Shell this year. Yeah, it’s… you know… they find a lot of reasons to get her naked. As for Kong: Skull Island, it left me wanting more.

I swear, next week will be better.

Oh, what game was I playing? Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Meet my character, who’s like Natalie Morales channeling her inner Linda Hamilton.

Yeah, she’s a badass.

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Writing Log Week 10 – 13. March, 2017

You know that terrible cold I had a few weeks back? I caught another one and it was worse so I was like…

Which is why I got this much done…

James Cameron’s Titanic is a totally un-filmable Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead take on Jim Cameron’s unsinkable epic and… okay, I didn’t actually read the script. I went to the live reading, but how many of you listen to books on Audible and then brag to your friends, “yeah, totally read Infinite Jest in a week.”

Logan is so dark and brooding and… don’t get me wrong, it’s good, but I would have appreciated a joke and a moment of levity. Non-Stop is Liam Neeson doing “Taken on a plane” and no more needs to be said.

I’m going to take a nap in the hopes that I magically wake up cold-free and ready to write.

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