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Sorry You’re Sick by Ted Hawkins – 11. February, 2017

Thursday I woke up with a monster cold. That’s why I’m sharing this song with you. Enjoy “Sorry You’re Sick” by Ted Hawkins.

My only connection to this song is that I heard it from the album below and I loved it.

Time to write, then back to bed.

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No Sensitive Man by Haley Bonar – 3. February, 2017

Music is one of the most important things in my life yet somehow I’ve let it slip away from me. Why? The crap that makes my daily existence a living nightmare has pushed it out. Well, fuck that noise.

This is Haley Bonar.

I love her. I first saw her at SXSW. I then saw her again at SXSW. I’ve only ever seen her at SXSW. I don’t know if she ever plays outside of SXSW.

This is her performing solo acoustic in a single take. Yeah, she’s that bad ass. That’s why I love her.

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Showtime vs Starz: Fight! – 18. August, 2016

Veering wildly from my usual navel-gazing-as-therapy posts, I need your help with one super-duper important decision: Showtime or Starz?

See, I’ve budgeted for a year of one Amazon add-on and it’s down to one of the above cable networks. Thanks to the internet, there’s a great infographic (click it to enlarge — if you dare):


But I’m also thinking about what show I might spec next year. Along those lines, it breaks down like this…

Showtime has…


The Affair


Ray Donovan

Masters of Sex





Twin Peaks


Starz has…
Black Sails

Black Sails Season 3, Black Sails Season 3, Black Sails Season 3, Black Sails Season 3



Ash vs. Evil Dead


The Girlfriend Experience


American Gods

American Gods Season 1 2017

So, help me decide…

Which cable network should I add to my Amazon subscription?

View Results

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Au Revoir John August, My AFF Hi Bye Friend. – 28. July, 2016

I was devastated to learn that John August is moving to France.



Yes, I know that his moving will have little effect on the Scriptnotes podcast but John August was my secret “hi bye” friend.

John has no idea who I am but at every Austin Film Festival I would run into him at least once and I’d say, “morning, John” or “afternoon, John” or “hi, John!”

And every time he’d say the exact same thing…

John, “(a slightly longer than expected pause) Hello.”


This has been a staple of my AFF experience since I first attended but now, with John in France, I’m worried that he won’t be at this year’s Austin Film Festival. I will have no “hi bye” friend this year.


(that’s an homage to last year’s deluge)


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Stealer of Sleep: Remembering Wes Craven – 10. September, 2015


Growing up hardcore Catholic meant I wasn’t allowed to watch Rated R movies. It also meant that I believed in the end-times and that they were coming for me, specifically. That’s why I had a panic attack in the middle of a Von’s when I was 5 years old. Knowing that, you can understand that all it took to give me brutal nightmares was a newspaper ad featuring Freddy Kruger. Wes Craven was the stealer of sleep.

That is until I had the good fortune of meeting Wes as an adult and it all started with a spare Cirque du Soleil ticket.

I was in Las Vegas, by myself, to accept an award for a short film I’d made. Wes was my presenter and we were both ushered into a greenroom the size of a school auditorium. Like fighters, we were briefly allowed to shake hands before we were ushered into opposing corners. I was left alone in a my corner and told, “don’t move no matter what.”

And I didn’t. Wes, on the other hand, had at least a half dozen people from the organization chatting him up, taking pictures, what you would expect for a celebrity.

And then Wes made a bee-line for me.

“Hi. They gave me two tickets but I’m here alone. Want to go to Cirque du Soleil with me?”

“Um, yes.”

I barely remember the award ceremony but I’m positive any picture would show me wearing a crooked smile. I just kept thinking, “I’m going to see a show featuring muscle bound clowns with the guy that convinced me that sleep equals death.”


That night we drank beer, ate very expensive sushi and just chatted. He was amused that I had only seen his films either because of peer pressure or in college classes. We shared stories about growing up in strict, religious families. We effused over our love of the great European masters – Fellini, Goddard and, most importantly, Bergman.

After the show, after I’d explained that I had indeed enjoyed the performance and any grimacing he saw on my face was due to the proximity of that stupid clown, I hate clowns, Wes invited me to give him a call once back in LA.

That’s when I really got to know the Wes Craven renown for his warmth, intelligence and generosity. This is the Wes Craven that not only gave me a break, he also offered up his mentorship. This is when I got to be friends with Wes.

Wes acquired one of my scripts and when I insisted on directing it myself, he offered his support. When I crashed and burned pitching him a remake of one of his older movies (think Albert Brooks from Broadcast News), he took me out for lunch/drinks, all the while reassuring me that it wasn’t that bad, and that next time it’ll only get better. When assigned to write a non-horror feature for him to direct, he’d see my frustration after every round of notes and always proclaimed, “you’re getting closer, next time you’ll nail it.”

Eventually, like many friendships, we saw each other less and less but we still kept in touch, traded Christmas cards.

The last time I saw him was at the ArcLight discussing Children of Men. We only had a minute to catch up but I was heartened to hear that he was coming back to both the big and small screen with an armload of projects.

Today, I am heartbroken to learn of his passing from brain cancer.

If I had two more minutes to speak with him, I’d tell Wes how much I cherished our chats about playing the guitar, his trying to teach me about the birds I could find in Hollywood, and our schemes to charge another lunch to Bob Weinstein — thanks, Bob! I’d thank him for believing in me and for being a mentor and a friend. I hope that I honored him with the work I’ve done and that I honor him with the work I will do.


Wes Craven, 1939-2015.
We hold you in our hearts.
You haunt us in our dreams.
Rest in peace.

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SDCC 2015 Best Cosplay – 16. July, 2015

Hands down the best cosplay of San Diego Comic-Com 2015.


Yeah, I know, you were expecting a longer post but 1) I’m sick and 2) the day job is about to start sucking extra hard so the next month or two of posts will be very succinct. Hey, go out and enjoy the summer.

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Ryan Adams’ Summer of ’69 – 21. May, 2015

About 10 years ago some jerk went to a Ryan Adams concert and kept requesting Bryan Adams‘ “Summer of ’69“. Ryan got angry, went on a bender, married America’s sweetheart (circa 2005), got sober and hasn’t been the same since.

Recently, Ryan Adams went back to that same venue and finally played a cover of “Summer of ’69” so good that it gave me chills, something a Ryan Adams song hasn’t done since Demolition.

Heck, even Bryan had something to say about it. Here’s that cover.

Fun fact, Ryan Adams and Bryan Adams share the same birthday. Crazy!

For reference, here’s the original.

…BTW, apparently I’m not the only fan of Ryan Adams’ Demolition.

Although I don’t have cable, nor do I watch the late night shows, I’m gonna miss Dave.

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My Cry for Far Cry 4 – 9. April, 2015

A while back I asked, “where is my addicting-like-crack PS4 game?” Sunday night I started playing Far Cry 4 and now I’ve got the junkie sweats. This game is a beautiful, open world first person shooter where you are encouraged to attack the enemy with an M60 and an elephant.

far-cry-4-elephant attack

Hell yeah!

How deep does this game have its hooks in me? Note my “time in bed” for the last four nights.


Looks like I got what I asked for. F**k. But who else is gonna kill those nasty Honey Badgers?


Oh, and they added a DLC where you track down a yeti?


Yeah, I’m screwed.

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My Office The Gallery – 26. March, 2015

While this blog trades in my passions for writing, music, television, comics, movies, video games and whatnot, this is all made possible by the fact of my day job. I know, it’s not a sexy topic but give me a minute and we’ll get to the sexy.

I took a full-time job just over three years ago. I’ve been in the same windowless office for close to two years. Therefore, it might be safe to finally decorate; maybe I don’t have to stare at grey walls all day long.


What I Stare At Every Weekday.

As I work in a post-production facility that distributes blockbusters to theaters, the standard issue wall art is the movie posters. Being me, I have the inclination to be different. I want to honor the work we do, I want to please my boss, but I also want to put a twist on the theme.

Therefore, I’m thinking of decorating my office in illustrated prints related to 1) the movies that we’ve worked on or 2) the studios we work with (which is pretty much all the big studios). That’s why I could never put up this Sex Criminals print by Becky Cloonan despite the fact that it features six of my favorite “B’s”: Babes, Books, Boobs, Benjamins, Brunettes and Becky Cloonan.


Also, obviously, it’s NSFW. That’s fine. I’ve already started collecting and framing prints.

The first print I picked up was this Babs Tarr Street Fighter 3D anaglyph print of Chun-Li.


Why this print? One, we worked on Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. Two, I manage our 3D subtitling department. Three, I think it’s pretty cool. Four, I have a tiny (MAJOR) crush on Babs Tarr.

Also, I was just gifted two new prints (thanks R & J). The first is this Iron Giant Jake Parker print that’s also an ode to Superman.


The second is this sweet Dawn of the Planet of the Apes print by Francesco Francavilla.


And that’s how I’m getting started. I’ll be building my collection from there. Got any suggestions?

Note, I’m not rolling in the Benjamins like Suzie up there. That’s why I’m looking for prints and not original art. Also, I’d prefer colored art over black and white (but that’s not a hard and fast rule).

Want examples of stuff I’d consider? Here’s some art I’d love to pick up…

Alien by To-zo


Rachel from Blade Runner by Greg Smallwood.


Say Anything / Soundwave by Marco D’Alfonso


Frankenstein/Karloff by Bill Sienkiewicz


Taxi Driver by Sean Gordon Murphy


Medieval Batman by Jason Kang


Godzilla by Dave Watcher


Aliens by Unknown


Send me your suggestions. And if you see me at a con, I’ll be the Jack Black looking guy with the empty poster tube on his back.

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My Love of Comics – 19. March, 2015

Jim Zub is da’ bomb supreme. First, he writes kick ass comics like Skullkickers


Samurai Jack


and Wayward.


Second, he is awesomely generous with knowledge via his blog. Third, his Twitter trending topic #FourComics was a fun way for comic pros and fans alike to share the four books that got them into comics.

Me, I went the extra mile and broke that down further into the three phases of my comic book love.


My first phase happened during the 90’s comics boom. It started with one friend that was really into the X-Men, especially Jim Lee’s pencils. I dug it but I wanted something more, something darker. The pulpier side of me discovered Sin City. The arty side of me got into Maus. The brainy side loved Understanding Comics. Bam! I was now a full time comics fan.

Then my love tapered off. I stopped reading comics until the early 2000’s.


At this point I was in a dark place but moving away from my Tarantino obsession. I was diving deeper into genre and character. Therefore, Y: The Last Man was the kind of epic, funny, twisted book I was meant to read. Powers fed my superhero fix while sating my hunger for verbose dialog (see that Tarantino obsession). Queen and Country was the kind of awesome character study I needed, and maybe the first female comic character I loved. 100 Bullets also had a strong female protagonist but I loved its gritty take on a Twilight Zone like conspiracy. The one graphic novel in the lot, Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth, was an awesome brain teaser that sated my want for fractured, nonlinear storytelling (again, see the Taratino obsession).

And then, again, I stopped reading comics.


The third time I got into comics was within the last two years and it’s all thanks to SXSW and ComiXology. With a deal to download hundreds of free comics, I dove back in head first. This time around not only was I interested as a fan, I was getting the itch to write a comic of my own. Therefore, it should be of no surprise that I got hooked on the cool, funny and heartfelt Hawkeye. Suddenly, mainstream comics didn’t seem cheesy. On the other end of the spectrum, I dove into the indie pool that is Underwater Welder and I loved it. Bandette was something I never would have read in the past — it was just pure, all ages fun — but it opened up my eyes in regards to a new creative avenue for my work. Prophet, man, everyone pay attention because this is how you do a reboot.

So what four books got you into comics?

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