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Two Lists of Shows to Spec?! – 9. March, 2017

It’s beginning to look a lot like fellowship season. Time to pick a show to spec from the WB list of approved shows…


Below I’ve listed the approved shows and indicated if they’re on the Warner Bros list (#WB) and/or the NBC/Universal Writers on the Verge list (#WotV).

2 Broke Girls #WB #WotV
American Dad #WB #WotV
Angie Tribeca #WB #WotV
Atlanta #WotV
Archer #WB #WotV
Better Things #WB #WotV – The buzz around the writing circles suggest this will be a popular show to spec.

Blackish #WB #WotV
Bob’s Burgers #WB #WotV
BoJack Horseman #WotV
Broad City #WB #WotV
Brooklyn Nine-Nine #WB #WotV
Casual #WB #WotV
Catastrophe #WB #WotV
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend #WotV
Difficult People #WB #WotV
Episodes #WB #WotV
Faking It #WB #WotV
Family Guy #WB #WotV
Fresh Off The Boat #WB #WotV
Girls #WotV
Grace & Frankie #WotV
House Of Lies #WB #WotV
Insecure #WotV
It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia #WB #WotV
Last Man On Earth #WB #WotV – If I were to spec a half-hour, it’d be this show.

Life In Pieces #WB #WotV
Master Of None #WB #WotV – My second choice if I were to spec a comedy.

Modern Family #WB #WotV
Mom #WB #WotV
Mozart In The Jungle #WB #WotV
New Girl #WB #WotV
Search Party #WotV
Silicon Valley #WB #WotV
South Park #WB #WotV
Superstore #WB #WotV
The Big Bang Theory #WB #WotV
The Carmichael Show #WB #WotV
The Goldbergs #WB #WotV
The Good Place #WotV
The Mick #WotV
The Middle #WB #WotV
The Mindy Project #WB #WotV
The Real O’Neal #WotV
Transparent #WB #WotV
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt #WB #WotV
Unreal #WB – So far this is the only show to split categories. Warners considers it a comedy…

Veep #WB #WotV
Workaholics #WB #WotV
You’re The Worst #WB #WotV

Agents Of SHIELD #WB #WotV
American Crime #WotV
American Horror Story #WotV
Animal Kingdom #WB #WotV
Arrow #WB #WotV
Ash Vs. Evil Dead #WB #WotV – All you hardcore horror folk, you’re out of excuses.

Bates Motel #WB #WotV
Better Call Saul #WB #WotV – I bet this will be the most popular show to spec.

Big Little Lies #WotV
Billions #WB #WotV
Black Mirror #WotV
Blindspot #WB #WotV – I’m taking this show to the dance.

Bloodline #WB #WotV
Blue Bloods #WB #WotV
Bones #WB #WotV
Bosch #WB #WotV
Castle #WB #WotV
Chicago Fire #WB #WotV
Chicago Medical #WB #WotV
Chicago PD #WB #WotV
Code Black #WB #WotV
Criminal Minds #WB #WotV
Daredevil #WB #WotV – My runner up show to spec.

Elementary #WB #WotV
Empire #WB #WotV
Fear The Walking Dead #WB #WotV
Game of Thrones #WotV
Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce #WotV
Gotham #WB #WotV
Greenleaf #WB #WotV – Allow me to admit that I’d never heard of this show until I saw it on the lists.

Grey’s Anatomy #WB #WotV
Halt And Catch Fire #WB #WotV
Happy Valley #WotV
Homeland #WB #WotV
House Of Cards #WB #WotV
How To Get Away With Murder #WB #WotV
Humans #WB #WotV
iZombie #WB #WotV
Jane The Virgin #WB #WotV
Jessica Jones #WB #WotV
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit #WB #WotV
Legends Of Tomorrow #WB #WotV
Lucifer #WB #WotV
Luke Cage #WotV
Madam Secretary #WB #WotV
Major Crimes #WB #WotV
Man in the High Castle #WotV
Mars #WotV
Masters Of Sex #WB #WotV
Mr. Robot #WB #WotV
Narcos #WB #WotV
NCIS: Los Angeles #WB #WotV
Once Upon A Time #WB #WotV
Orange Is The New Black #WB #WotV
Orphan Black #WB #WotV
Peaky Blinders #WB #WotV
Quantico #WB #WotV
Queen Sugar #WB #WotV
Ray Donovan #WB #WotV
Rosewood #WB #WotV
Scandal #WB #WotV
Scorpion #WB #WotV
Scream Queens #WB #WotV
Shades of Blue #WotV
Shameless #WotV
Sherlock #WB #WotV
Stranger Things #WB #WotV – Do we think everyone will spec this?

Suits #WB #WotV
Supergirl #WB #WotV
The 100 #WB #WotV
The Affair #WB #WotV
The Americans #WB #WotV
The Blacklist #WB #WotV
The Catch #WB #WotV
The Crown #WotV
The Exorcist #WotV
The Fall #WB #WotV
The Flash #WB #WotV
The Fosters #WotV
The Knick #WotV
The Leftovers #WB #WotV
The Night Of #WotV
The Night Shift #WB #WotV
The OA #WotV
The Originals #WB #WotV
The Path #WB #WotV
The Vampire Diaries #WB #WotV
The Walking Dead #WB #WotV
The Young Pope #WotV
This is Us #WotV
Timeless #WotV
Underground #WotV
Unreal #WotV – …but NBC thinks this is a drama. I guess if you’re one of those ride-the-fence “dramedy” writers, apply to both and let the studios put you in a box.

Wayward Pines #WB #WotV
Westworld #WotV

Holy, that’s a lot of shows. Kinda makes your head boil over with possibilities, right? Well, no time for that cause we all gotta get writing!

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A Look Back at 2016 – 31. December, 2016

2016 has got me all like…

First, we lost so many wonderful talents.

Second, my writing didn’t go so well. I did write a spec of iZombie but it didn’t get any traction.

Third, well, anyone that tells you that a merger only takes a month or two, and then you’re through the worst of it, is a goddamn liar.

But f**k all that. I consumed a lot of media in 2016 — 66 TV shows, 34 movies, 12 books, 54 comics, 6 video games and 4 theater shows. Let’s look at what I loved.

Favorite Television Show of the Year – The Last Man on Earth

No other show made me laugh out loud as much this one, and 2016 was strong with comedies. What else did I watch…

Mr. Robot
12 Monkeys
Horace and Pete
Wayward Pines
The Night Manager
Dr. Who
The Last Ship
Stranger Things
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
The Jim Gaffigan Show
Agent Carter
F is for Family
Agents of SHIELD
Son of Zorn
Designated Survivor
Marvel’s Agent Carter
Rick & Morty
The Exorcist
Better Call Saul
The Path
The X-Files
The Good Place
The IT Crowd
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Lethal Weapon
Luke Cage
Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD
The Man in the High Castle
Lady Dynamite
The 100
The Flash
Bob’s Burgers
You’re the Worst
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Drunk History
BoJack Horseman

Favorite Movie of the Year – The Handmaiden

No other movie was as funny, thrilling, surprising or cinematic as this Korean film. Don’t research it, just watch it. What else did I watch this year…

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (IMAX)
The Witch
Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice
Captain America: Civil War
The Nice Guys
Edge of Tomorrow
Pacific Rim
Star Trek Beyond
Train to Busan
The Town
Suicide Squad
Jason Bourne
Don’t Think Twice
The Hateful Eight
Hell or High Water
La La Land
X-Men: Apocalypse
A History of Violence
All is Lost
Doctor Strange
10 Cloverfield Lane
Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
Rogue One

Favorite Book of the Year – Mr Splitfoot by Samantha Hunt

If you want an awesome, creepy horror-ish book to take you on an a fun ride, read this book.

Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace
Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff
This Census-Taker by China Mieville
Marvel Comics: The Untold Story by Sean Howe
Private Citizens by Tony Tulathimutte
Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari
The Girls by Emma Cline
Multiple Choice by Alejandro Zambra
Reamde by Neal Stephenson
Commonwealth by Amy Patchett
NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

Favorite Comic of the Year – Locke & Key

No other comic I read this year delivers as satisfying of an experience.

We Stand On Guard
Captain America
The Goddamned
Codename: Baboushka
Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Five
The Walking Dead (The Alien)
Past the Last Mountain
Black Canary
Black Magick
GI Joe: Cobra 2
Wonder Woman
Tokyo Ghosts
Our Love is Real
Green Arrow
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
The Spire
Rat Queens
DC Comics: Bombshells
Citizen Jack
Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life
The Punisher
The Walking Dead
The Surface
Karma Police
CyberForce Rebirth
Fresh Romance
Star Wars
Captain America: White
Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange: The Oath
Paper Girls
I Hate Fairyland
Jupiter’s Circle

Video Game of the Year – Fallout 4

I rule the wastelands!

Sleeping Dogs
Star Wars Battlefront
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Theater of the Year – Hamilton

Was there any other choice? What else did I see…

Bright Star
The Crucible

And that was my year. See y’all in 2017.

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2016 Austin Film Festival One Hour Spec Competition – 29. September, 2016

Another year, another complete whiff with my iZombie spec.


Still, I don’t want to be that sourpuss that gripes. I want to be that sourpuss that gives you an awesome infographic about the drama specs that made the second round or better at this year’s Austin Film Festival.



TV Drama Specs 2016
Create your own infographics

So what can we glean from this beautifully presented info?

-The popularity of Daredevil and iZombie prove that comic books rule the small screen.

-Writers love to spec CW and Showtime series the most, Netflix and AMC the second most, NBC and FX third most. Also, there’s at least one talented writer watching Audience and El Rey, respectively.

-Folk are busting out the 2nd season shows.

Congrats to everyone that placed.

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Mid 2016 Check-In – 23. June, 2016

Hello June!

June Carter Cash

You are a hot bitch… of a month. No seriously, it’s been over 100 degrees in my tandoori oven of a bedroom. I wish that were an excuse for my pathetic creative output but it’s not. I lost my mojo the first part of this year and… blah, blah, blah. You don’t want to hear me whine. You want to see the half-time score card. Let’s roll.

Feature – Haven’t touched it since last year but I do need to bang out a draft this year.
Comic Books – Just started working on my script again. Going to San Diego, Portland and possibly New York to look for an artist.
Pilot – Just starting rewriting one of my pilots. I’m hoping to have a draft done by September.
Spec – HEY! I ACTUALLY DID THIS ONE! I wrote my iZombie spec and have sent it to the WB Writers Workshop and the NBC/Universal Writers on the Verge fellowship — still need to submit to the Final Draft Big Break contest and the NHMC fellowship.

As for the other goals:
-Still looking to take a full fledge class this year but I did take a great seminar with Meg LaFauve, considering seminars with Aaron Sorkin and Corey Mandel.

-I’ve told a few people that I’m looking for work as a Writer’s Assistant or as a Writer’s PA. Okay, I’ve told exactly one person but it’s a start.

-I’m still looking for a sport. A couple of people are trying to convince me to take up running. One person wants me to start doing triathlons… but maybe I should start with something a little less ambitious.

-I still need to do more traveling. Yes, I’ve been to New York and Seattle this year. And yes, I’m traveling to San Diego, Portland and Austin later this year but I would love to still love to see Canada.

-I am looking to get more music back into my life.


So that’s me. How has the first half of 2016 treated you?

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What Should I Spec for 2017 – 9. June, 2016

Despite the fact that I still have 2 more submissions left for my iZombie spec, I find myself thinking about what I’d spec for next year’s fellowships. Let’s take an insane stroll down that possibility.

Daredevil – According to this AFF tweet, DD was the 5th most scripted spec. A Catholic avenger is certainly in my wheelhouse, so this is a strong contender.


Jessica Jones – I loved this series even more than DD but that might be my downfall. I might be too much of a fan. Plus how do you top Kilgrave as a villain?


The Flash – Absolutely up my alley but it would also be the 3rd CW show in a row (my last two specs were iZombie and The 100).


Better Call Saul – I was lukewarm about the first season, have just started the second. It was also the 4th most scripted spec for AFF. I’m fifty-fifty on this one.


Blindspot – This would be the broadest, most mainstream show I’ve scripted since ever.


Mr Robot – Am going to watch it this summer — I know, I’m the last person on the planet to watch this — but everyone tells me that I’ll love it.


The Affair – Haven’t watched this show but certainly checks the “prestige” box.


If I had to shortlist the above, I think it’d be

1, Daredevil
2, Blindspot
3, Better Call Saul

With Mr Robot and The Affair as wildcards (since I have yet to watch either). Got an opinion? Tell me what you think.

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Consumed May 2016 – 31. May, 2016

I finished submitting my script at 4:31AM. I’m done… at least until I have to submit to Final Draft Big Break and the NHMC fellowship… but for now, I’m done. This is me for the next week:


Here’s what I somehow managed to consume when I wasn’t writing like a maniac.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Giant robots! Awesome!


Agents of SHIELD
Bob’s Burgers
The 100
The Flash
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – A pretty great season finale.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Captain America: Civil War – Everything I expected and hoped.


The Nice Guys – Ryan Gosling goes for the funny. I like it.


Frightened Rabbit live @ The Fonda – I have been loving this band for a decade. So great to see them live.

Private Citizens by Tony Tulathimutte – If a thesaurus were to masturbate, you’d get this book.


Locke & Key – Finally finished the whole thing. It’s pretty goddamn great. No wonder they want to make it into a TV show.


The Walking Dead (The Alien) – Maybe the best single issue of The Walking Dead I’ve ever read.


Captain America: White
Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Five
Codename: Baboushka – Met the artist. Love her style.


Our Love is Real – Not as disturbing as I thought it’d be.


DC Comic’s Bombshells
Birthright – Pretty cool idea


iZombie – The comic is nothing like the TV show.


Doctor Strange
Black Canary – So damn good. Want more!


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl – Tons of fun!





















The Surface

…Tony sleep now.

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Consumed April 2016 – 30. April, 2016

April showers bring… actually, we really didn’t get any April showers in Los Angeles, and they sure didn’t bring me much of anything because I’m still banging out this iZombie spec. That’s right, it’s still not done. Am I worried?


Therefore, this update will be short and sweet, right?


Let’s go.

Doctor Who – Finally started the season where Capaldi joined. Have only seen the season premiere but this is my favorite moment so far.


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD
Justified – Only ever manage to watch this while traveling but damn, it’s good.


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Catastrophe – So glad this is back.


The Flash
Bob’s Burgers
Crazy Ex- Girlfriend – Goddamn, this show keeps getting better and better.


Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice – Best unintentional comedy of 2016.


Aliens – Maybe one of the best goddamn movies ever made. Just bad ass.


The Kills, The Big Pink & LA Witch live @ The Mayan  – Holy s**t, I miss live rock n’ roll.

Marvel Comics: The Untold Story by Sean Howe – A must read for anyone considering a career in the comic industry (emphasis on industry). Uncompromising. Brutal. The naked truth.


Mr. Splitfoot by Samantha Hunt – Creepy as f**k!


The Punisher
Tokyo Ghosts
Plutona – In the best possible way, a super hero comic version of Stand By Me.


Rat Queens
Monstress – Holy crap, this comic is 13 kinds of awesome.


Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Five
Black Magick
Citizen Jack
DC Comic’s Bombshells
Karma Police
Past the Last Mountain
The Spire
Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft – Just an epic comic. Can’t wait to read more.


The Walking Dead
Jupiter’s Circle
Virgil – A brutal revenge story from a unique perspective.


And that’s a wrap on April. Would love to chat more but I have a ton of writing so this is me.


Except that I’ll mostly be doing my writing at night. Mostly.


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To TV or Not to TV – 7. April, 2016

Last night I presented a beat sheet of my iZombie spec to my writing group and I got some great feed back. I’m ready to make adjustments, jump into a proper outline, and then pivot into scripting. Then it’s time to practice some project stacking. If I’m writing my spec then I need to start (re)breaking my undercover cop pilot. Technically this is a rewrite of a pilot I scripted last year but so many elements have changed that it’s like starting over again from square one… maybe square two.

But what about after that? I then confront the age old question: be a Jack of All Trades or a Master of One? Diversify or deep dive? Date around or commit to one… oops. Let’s ignore that last analogy.


Do I focus on another television project or do I try my hand at features and comic books? Is it better to have a diverse portfolio or is that diluting my focus? Right now I’m currently brainstorming the following…
-A sci-fi roommate comic book (or possibly a “comic strip”). Think of SPACED after snorting a line of uncut RICK & MORTY.
-An 80s haunted house feature. I’m already building an EPIC soundtrack!
-A New Orleans set monster movie. I started this last year and I really should finish it (but that haunted house idea is calling).
-A pilot about a cult.
-A pilot about stopping Armageddon.

I could keep going but these are the ones that have passed the “let me sleep on it” test. That’s one comic, two features and two television pilots.


What’s the best thing for me to do: go all in with television or hedge my bets? What have you done in the past? How did it work out?

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Consumed March 2016 – 31. March, 2016

As we bid “adios” to the moody month of March, I look back at all that I’ve consumed and realize that I need to hunker down and nail these goddamn scripts for fellowship season.

The time for naps is over!


Let’s get cracking’!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
The X-Files – What the hell was going on with those last two episodes? Joel McHale, why?


The 100
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Bob’s Burgers
The Flash
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Everyone finally kissed. Now things can get weird.


The Last Man on Earth
Daredevil – Only two episodes in and so far it’s better than last season.


Changing Light by Mirah – This will be the year of the goat.

Through The Looking Glass by Siouxsie & The Banshees – Trust that all you need is this song.

Strangers by RAC / Katie Herzig – In love with this song.

Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff – Taking my time with this one.
This Census-Taker by China Mieville – A slight, forgettable book.


This Dark Road to Mercy by Wiley Cash – The best yarn I’ve read in a long time. Big props to the lovely woman that suggested this book to me.


Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Five
DC Comics: Bombshells
GI Joe: Cobra 2 – Why aren’t they making the Chuckles story into a Netflix series?


Star Wars
The PunisherGreg Rucka’s run kicks ass. Only thing I don’t like is seeing Morgan Freeman in this comic.


Video Games
Fallout 4 – I’ve limited myself to the workshop and helping my settlements when distressed. Otherwise, this game is boxed until June.


Black Ops 3 – But I did start playing this. Limiting myself to the Safe House until June.


Comic Conventions

I attended WonderCon and picked up a few goodies, like Faith #1 signed by Jody Houser.


The Man With No Name print by Claus (he did the end credits animation for Deadpool).


The Tinkers of the Wasteland Mutated Edition by Raul Trevino.


A couple of small prints by Raul Trevino.


A large print by Raul Trevino… yeah, I dig his art and really want to work with him in the future.


This Rick & Morty #11 comic signed by Pamela Ribon.


Check out the inside cover…


Specifically what Pamela wrote me…


Look closely at the parenthetical…


You do know the “Pamela Ribon / B.A. Baracus story,” right? Good. Then this update is DONE! Back to writing.

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(Non) Update on the Comics Career – 24. March, 2016

Since WonderCon looms large, let’s talk about my nonexistent comics career. The last comic script I wrote was a short piece for the Millarworld Contest.

Newsflash: I didn’t win.


Since then I’ve been fretting over my iZombie spec and the page-one rewrite of my pilot. If I want to accomplish my goal of actually publishing some sort of comic book or comic strip by the end of the year, I need to start kicking ass. So, where to start? Here’s what I have.

I have an idea. It’s a precursor to a larger idea, a prequel to a bigger story, a gateway drug to awesome town. I’m pitching it as a “sci-fi roommate comic book/strip. Think of SPACED after snorting a line of uncut RICK & MORTY.”


So what do I do next?

-I need to figure out if this is a book or a strip.

-I need to figure out how long the first arc runs. The smart thing is to shoot for a short initial run.

-I need to write some scripts.

-I need to audition artists. I’m looking for someone that can do something like Jake Lawrence.

-I need an editor. There, I said it. If I want to get this thing done on time then I need a drill sergeant. I need a motivational coach.


So, who wants to make some comics?

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