Writing Log Week 35 – September 5th, 2017

You know what I just realized? It’s goddamn September! The sun is setting on 2017, so let’s get through this quick because I need to script some pages (I know, I KNOW).

A brief tangent: on the drive from my day job to my evening writing spot, I listened to Pilar Alessandra’s podcast (it’s my prep for taking her class later this month), specifically the episode with Carole Krischner. Everything Carole said made sense. It’s all advice I need to take to heart. I can’t tell you how many times I said, “I need to be doing that.” I really, REALLY, need to find a great way to pitch myself. I need to have a great take on my own story (and, man, do I hate talking about myself).

Back on topic. Most of my writing work this week was about trying to crack the 2nd half of my pilot outline. It keeps falling flat and I think the issue might be that my characters aren’t well developed enough. They’re just not interesting enough to sustain the story. That’s why I’m looking for character development tools. I don’t believe in detailed character bios — most of that gets tossed out early on — but maybe I need to change my tune.

Regarding the movies I watched, did you know that Bill Paxton directed a movie? It’s called Frailty and it’s not half bad. I think he might have had the potential for a great second act career move into directing. And speaking of actors that direct, I finally saw Gone Baby Gone. Damn, it’s an assured directing debut but Amy Ryan’s performance is pure gold.

Thanks to my reading, I have learned one fact about myself that you’re going to hate: I don’t dig Neil Gaiman. I should but I did not enjoy the pilot for Good Omens, nor did I like the book of American Gods — I’m only watching the show because I love Bryan Fuller. I’ve also read a ton of Gaiman’s comics (albeit not Sandman) and I don’t love any of them either. I wish someone could help me understand and appreciate the Neil without feeling the need to beat me up and rescind my nerd credentials.

Insatiable, on the other hand, seems like a devilishly fun idea for a show about someone dealing with weight issues.

Okay, time to get this pilot done so I can prep for Pilar’s class.

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