Writing Log Week 25 – June 26th, 2017

I am on a roll!

So let’s talk a little bit about that Western script off the Blacklist.

Let The Evil Go West is a very trixie script. It does a ton of things “you’re not supposed to do.” There’s an illustration on the cover, the author’s name isn’t clear, it has camera directions galore, and it does away with slug lines, sorta. There’s no “INT.” or “EXT.” or “DAY” or “NIGHT”. If it’s a DAY scene it’s simply…

And if it’s a night scene it’s…

And it works.

I will confirm that both Rough Night and Spectre are movies. One is long. One is short.

Most importantly, I’m working like crazy to get this fiction podcast idea into shape for the Austin Film Festival. That means I have 11 days to finish 1) a 10-page script and 2) a series outline.

Wish me luck.

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