Writing Log Week 22 – June 5th, 2017

All materials for the television writing fellowships have been submitted and I be like…

I even managed to get back into the old routine…

That script I read just landed an attachment but don’t click on that link. This script *HINGES* on one massive reveal. To know the secret will ruin the entire experience.

Trainspotting is still a massively awesome film and the sequel, T2: Trainspotting, might be my favorite film of the year. I don’t think you’ll find a better film about the bittersweet that develops as a friendship between dudes ages.

The big thing for me: what do I write next? I know I need to kick ass on my pilot, but what else? I have 2 feature film ideas (one big and one small), a few comic book ideas, I’m developing ideas for a narrative podcast, or maybe I should develop another pilot. Thoughts?

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