Writing Log Week 11 – March 21st, 2017

Just as I was getting over my second major illness of the year, I fell into an annual pit of despair. Then I got a new video game. And when I’m in the spiritual/emotional crapper, no escape is sweeter than a new video game.

So, obviously, my writing went to hell this week.

Well, yeah, it wasn’t a total loss. I read 2 pilots. Doomsday is an exciting new idea from long time Justified writer VJ Boyd. Messiah is, well, I don’t know if I can say anything about it. Sorry.

I only just saw the animated Ghost in the Shell this year. Yeah, it’s… you know… they find a lot of reasons to get her naked. As for Kong: Skull Island, it left me wanting more.

I swear, next week will be better.

Oh, what game was I playing? Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Meet my character, who’s like Natalie Morales channeling her inner Linda Hamilton.

Yeah, she’s a badass.

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