Writing Log Week 09 – March 6th, 2017

I was just at Emerald City Comicon so instead of writing I was like…

But all was not lost.

I did a little work on my pilot and on my Blindspot spec. I also started cracking ideas for a Black Mirror spec but as it’s not on the WB approved show list this year (more on that list in a future post), I have to give it up.

Have you ever seen Manhattan? Granted, aspects of it are super creepy but the opening and closing imagery and music, wow!

If it doesn’t make you want to move to New York, check your pulse. Patriot’s Day, on the other hand, is a well crafted Peter Berg thriller about the Boston bombing. If you’re looking for a dude movie that isn’t dumb, check it out.

Bubbles was the highest ranking script on last year’s Blacklist, soon to be a Dan Harmon stop-motion movie. Dan Harmon. Stop-motion. Need I say more?

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