Writing Log Week 07 – February 20th, 2017

Who shot Mr. Burns?

We all know it was Maggie but it could have been me because I sure as hell wasn’t writing…


Did you see that? Right there in the middle…

HOLY S**T! I actually wrote a script page!

I know, you’re not impressed, but it’s big for me. So, you’re asking, what the hell is this project? It’s a Taken like thriller and so far it’s fun for me. Writing for fun? Crazy, right?!

As for the movies I watched, Lion is the kind of movie that used to win Harvey Weinstein Oscars. John Wick 2 is… it’s okay. Don’t believe the hype. It’s good but it’s no Hard Boiled.

Blonde Ambition was the highest rated script on this year’s Blcklst. It’s a fun, unauthorized biography about Madonna’s rise from obscurity to budding icon. It’s written in a clean, simple style, nowhere near as muscular or stylish as other Blcklst scripts I’ve read (and all the better for it).

Time to get back to writing. Therefore, I’ll leave you with a track that would absolutely be on that Blonde Ambition soundtrack.

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