Writing Log Week 3 2017 – January 23rd, 2017

Guess who had a better writing week?

Check it!

Last week I completed a 2-page beat sheet for my Blindspot spec. This week I’m turning that into a 3-5 page outline.

I’ll also return to brainstorming my pilot this week.

As for the movies I watched, I found myself underwhelmed by both A Monster Calls and Prisoners (but for entirely different reasons). The direction for each was impressive but they didn’t hook me emotionally. Why? It’s entirely possible that I’m dead inside but I’m thinking that’s not it. I might flip through their respective scripts to solve that mystery.

Do you know about The Wall? It’s another Blacklist contained thriller that’s “contained” to an outdoor area (think of The Shallows) rather than a single interior (think Buried).  It’s a great read and soon to be a Doug Liman movie…

Gotta get back to writing. See ya next week.

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