To TV or Not to TV – April 7th, 2016

Last night I presented a beat sheet of my iZombie spec to my writing group and I got some great feed back. I’m ready to make adjustments, jump into a proper outline, and then pivot into scripting. Then it’s time to practice some project stacking. If I’m writing my spec then I need to start (re)breaking my undercover cop pilot. Technically this is a rewrite of a pilot I scripted last year but so many elements have changed that it’s like starting over again from square one… maybe square two.

But what about after that? I then confront the age old question: be a Jack of All Trades or a Master of One? Diversify or deep dive? Date around or commit to one… oops. Let’s ignore that last analogy.


Do I focus on another television project or do I try my hand at features and comic books? Is it better to have a diverse portfolio or is that diluting my focus? Right now I’m currently brainstorming the following…
-A sci-fi roommate comic book (or possibly a “comic strip”). Think of SPACED after snorting a line of uncut RICK & MORTY.
-An 80s haunted house feature. I’m already building an EPIC soundtrack!
-A New Orleans set monster movie. I started this last year and I really should finish it (but that haunted house idea is calling).
-A pilot about a cult.
-A pilot about stopping Armageddon.

I could keep going but these are the ones that have passed the “let me sleep on it” test. That’s one comic, two features and two television pilots.


What’s the best thing for me to do: go all in with television or hedge my bets? What have you done in the past? How did it work out?

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  1. Joel Kirk says:

    It’s cool to have a diverse portfolio, but don’t spread yourself too thin. At least for me, I try to focus on the stories that I feel I need to tell NOW. Not too mention, I’m trying to focus on creating a portfolio that will give me some diversity.

    For example:
    *1 spec script
    *1 feature film script
    *1 short film script
    *Short story project

    A problem I have is that the spec script I want to write is centered around two characters from Orange is the New Black, yet the show doesn’t start again until June. I won’t know where my story will take place or how my story will pan out until I know what the ‘powers that be’ have done said characters and storyline.

    I may have to think about a backup plan since I want to start on something now.

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