SXSW 2014 Day 5 – March 16th, 2014

My first act of the day was Mia Dyson.

She rocked the hell out of the church she played at.

Next was Le Youth.

DJs with me are real hit or miss… my next act was Anamanaguchi.

This is my second time seeing these guys at SXSW. Their new stuff is darker, more expansive, but still true to their original concept.

My next act was Air Traffic Controller.

I’m not usually a fan of Americana music but these guys won me over.

I then raced across town to catch The Eastern Sea.

They sounded great but I just wasn’t feeling it.

Next I raced across town to catch Washed Out… but first I should tell you that I ran into the bassists/vocalist for Air Traffic Controller on the way.

We were both headed to the same show. I chatted her up, gave her my contact info and I feel like a pimp; oh, come on, grant me this, today of all days.

… and Casey, if you’re reading this, if you get to LA, let me take you out for a drink and a nice dinner.

… but we were talking music. Yes, Washed Out.

They sounded great, albeit a bit more rocking’ than on the album.

And with that it’s time for my pick of the day. I pick the ladies.

Mia Dyson

When The Moment Comes

… and Air Traffic Controller.

You Know Me


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