SXSW 2014 Day 4 – March 15th, 2014

Today was a pretty epic day and it started out with sneaking in to the sound check for Damon Albarn.

Although it was “Damon goes acoustic” he sounded great. I get why everyone goes nuts over him.

Next I was intending to catch a nap but then I heard someone just killing A-Ha’s “Take On Me”. It was El Conjunto Nueva Ola.

Apparently the key to winning me over is to make me smile and dance because these Latin rockers did just that.

Next it was The Hold Steady.

I’m not fan but I can definitely see the appeal, and the lead singer works his butt off for the audience.

Next was Phantogram.

Although paired down, they sounded good and damn is that lead singer a cutie.

Next I raced to a church to check out EMA.

She sounded pretty good and damn I was smitten.

After her was Angel Olsen.

I understand why she’s the next buzz act but would it kill her to smile (she’s damn cute when she smiles).

I quickly caught a couple of numbers by SW/MM/NG.

They had a good indie rock sound.

Finally I got to check out a band at the Japan Nite, one of my favorite SXSW events. Meet Jungles From Red Bacteria Vacuum.

Name aside, these ladies know how to rock the punk sound.

Next was a very mellow set from Mayu Wakisaka.

That’s what I love about the Japan Nite. You have a punk act followed by an easy listening singer-songwriter.

A quick run across 6th Street got me to check out Mexican act Division Minuscula.

Wow, were their fans in effect!

Next was GEMS.

They sounded pretty good despite audio issues.

Another race across town got me in to see Warpaint.

I gotta admit, I liked them a lot more than I thought I would.

And I ended the evening with the Japanese jazz rock sounds of Sentimental City Romance.

For my pick of the day, it’s another split. First, El Conjunto Nueva Ola (this track doesn’t do their live show justice).

Take On Me

And my second pick is Phantogram.

Black Out Days


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