Where The Hell Have I Been? – March 11th, 2012

Where the Hell did I go? Did I abandon this blog, along with a social life, dating, sex, having fun, writing, finishing my film, my hopes, my dreams, my will to live?


I took a full time job. It’s all comsuming. At the time it seemed like the right idea. At the very least I wouldn’t be suffering the freelancer’s curse (my last 5 tax filings resemble an vicious roller coaster that could be called “The Vominator”).

I still ponder that decision but you don’t want to hear me bitch. You want pretty web stuff so here’s an infographic that haunts me.

*Update: I received an email asking me to take down this infographic. I’ve received a bunch of these “take down” request, and I comply with them, but if you create something with an embed code why don’t you want people to embed your stuff?*

Also, let me know if you find my will to live.

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