Friday Fun: 25 Most Played Tracks – January 8th, 2010

When I first downloaded iTunes, I deleted all those pre-made smart playlists. I don’t need iTunes telling me which metrics to watch.

Years later, I saw my friend Todd Sklar post his 25 most played tracks and that got me curious. I put together a new smart playlist and… before you look at this let me just tell you that I’m positive iTunes missed a lot of play counts.

That said, here ya go:

How about you? Why don’t you post your 25 most played tracks. Come on, we won’t judge you (much).

Need help? In iTunes, click “File”, then “New Smart Playlist…” and use these parameters (FYI, I did this on my MacBook Pro but I’m sure it’s practically the same on a PC):

Looking forward to those lists and have a great Friday.

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