MarsEdit – January 6th, 2010

As I now run not only this blog but also one for work, I’ve grown all that more dependent on this bit of software.


I discovered MarsEdit when I went hunting for a way to write posts while offline. Sure I could have used a text editor or Word but when I did it felt like I was working in the stone age of the internet. Maybe I could have used Dreamweaver but that feels like using a laser guided bunker buster to catch a mouse. A bit of research led me this software and I’ve been in love ever since.

Why? Because it can handle multiple blogs on various platforms (Blogger? WordPress? Tumblr? Yeah, it can handle them.), because it comes with shortcuts for the most basic markups but it’s ridiculously easy to crete your own, because it can easily link to your Flickr account and use those photos, because it just works.

As an added bonus, Daniel (the software’s author) is AWESOME. I’ve had more than a few questions (and maybe one misguided complaint) and he got back to me promptly and in a professional manner (thanks for that).

In short, if one of your New Year’s resolutions was “to get serious about blogging” then you have to get this software. If you’re a vet but aren’t using this software, give it a try and see the light.

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  1. Thanks, Tony! I appreciate the write-up on your blog. And it’s great to hear how helpful the software has been to you.

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